Roche CoaguChek XS™

The CoaguChek XS system is a simple, convenient and safe device that helps you to monitor your coagulation status at home. This thereby reduces the time that you have to spend in hospital, at general practices or at anticoagulation clinics.

Roche CoaguChek XS™Some of the many other advantages of Self-Monitoring include:

  • It only takes a few easy steps and one minute to get an INR result
  • It gives more independence in daily life professionally and privately: there is no need to travel to and from appointments or to interrupt a busy schedule
  • You are actively involved in your own health and treatment

Self-Monitoring with CoaguChek XS means that anticoagulant therapy can be constantly optimised, which decreases the possibility of complications, such as clots or bleedings.

The most important advantage of Self-Monitoring is that the coagulation status can be regularly and frequently checked, so that anticoagulant therapy can be adjusted when necessary. Frequent testing is essential because factors such as drugs, illness, nutritional intake, alcohol, travelling and stress may interfere with the coagulation status.

Why regular Anticoagulation Monitoring is important

Oral anticoagulants have a narrow therapeutic range and the response to a standard dose varies widely both between patients and within patients over time. Changes in patient health, lifestyle or diet and other drugs can alter the effectiveness of the medication.

Potential interferences with coumarins requiring anticoagulation monitoring

  • Diet: foods high in vitamin K such as sprouts, cabbage, etc.
  • Alcohol
  • Drugs: some painkillers, some antibiotics
  • Stress
  • Illnesses: e.g. diarrohea

These potential interferences, added to the fact that each individual has a different reaction to vitamin K antagonists, require that prothrombin time (PT) or International Normalised Ratio (INR) is monitored regularly. The time within the therapeutic range is considered as a key indicator of the patient's safety in terms of less potential complications such as haemorrhage or thrombosis. Oral anticoagulant dosages are then adjusted by the healthcare professional according to the results of the PT/INR test.


Roche CoaguChek XS™With the CoaguChek XS system you can test anywhere and anytime: CoaguChek XS is easy to transport due to its low weight and size.

  • There is no need for venous blood sampling
  • Virtually pain-free testing using CoaguChek Softclix lancing device
  • One drop of capillary whole blood (only 10 µl) to get a quick (1 min) and precise INR result
  • Choice between top-dosing and side-dosing options offers an easier application of blood
  • No refrigeration is required for the testing strips because they are stable at room temperature


You can count on an On-Board-Integrated-System Control (OBIS). It comprises:

  • On-board integrity check of every strip directly in the measuring channel (OS2C system)
  • Failsafe features: device and strip are constantly checked during the measuring process e.g. check for sufficient blood volume application
  • Automatic control of internal system functions

Testing Strips

PIP Code 3195732Testing strips are available in the UK on NHS prescription and can be supplied by your local chemist. If you are buying privately the PIP Code for a pack of 24 is 3195732. Different testing strips are available so make sure you specify the system you have is the Roche CoaguChek XS.

The recommended testing frequency during Self-Monitoring is once a week but a lower frequency of testing can be justified based on institutional or patient conditions. However patients should always stay in contact with a Healthcare Professional at all times.


For product support or information call the CoaguChek Careline free on 0808 100 7666.


Roche Diagnostics

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