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Heart irregularities with PSD

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Brantubs    0

Hi. I'm new to the forum but not to PSD. I was diagnosed 26 yrs ago. I've had 2 DVT and 2 PEs.  I'm on warfarin lifelong now. Recently I had an ECG and it picked up some irregularities, I'm due to have an MRI. When I told my INR nurse there might be a problem with my heart she said she wasn't surprised as I had PSD. Does anybody know of any longterm effects as I can't seem to find anything. I feel a bit like Princess Leia..... I can normally find the answers out but your my only hope!!

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James    0

I know that ECG results can detect a history of PE, but I am not aware of any issues caused by PSD, other than the increased risk of clotting and its pregnancy issues. Your INR nurse has probably assumed that you have a heart related issue because you are taking warfarin.

Some people incorrectly believe we have thicker blood. Apart from the Protein S levels it is like the difference between a cup of tea with one sugar and a cup of tea with two sugars... pretty much the same as normal. There is believed to be some kind of role for Protein S in immunological issues, and blood vessel growth (which may actually swing as a benefit against some cancers) but otherwise there are no known health conditions associated.

We all have other health conditions besides our PSD, and although they aren’t linked, it is sometimes necessary that the treatment for other conditions is modified to take account of the clotting considerations of PSD. For example with kidney stones we may not be suitable candidates for sonic-breakup and have to pass them instead. Any consultant that works on heart conditions will already be very familiar with clotting conditions like ours.

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