Awareness Wristbands

Awareness WristbandOur custom made Awareness Wristbands are made of 100% silicone. They are enscribed with the words DON'T BE A CLOT on one side and our web address on the other. The lettering is molded into the bracelet so it won't fade or flake.

Don't Be A Clot

Bracelets and wristbands have been created to support many causes such as breast cancer awareness, anti-bullying, anti-racism, AIDS and Tsunami Relief, and each carries its own slogan. We invited suggestions on our forum and Anne Holmes proposed the slogan DON'T BE A CLOT to help raise awareness of Protein S Deficiency and Thrombophilia.

Awareness and Sponsorship

The aim of our wristband is to generate Awareness and Sponsorship opportunities. Income generated from the sale of our bands will help to support our web site running costs and if we can generate a steady income it will help us with a future application for charitable status. We are giving them away free of charge to anyone that makes a two year sponsorship donation via our forum.


The wristbands are made of industrial strength polished silicone and are of similar quality to Lance Armstrong’s Live Strong bracelets. They are stronger and more durable than rubber wristbands or rubber bracelets, which can break much more easily. Because the debossed lettering is molded into the design it won’t fade or flake off as some painted versions sometimes do.


Our Awareness Wristbands are available in two sizes:

  • Medium Size (7-3/8")
  • Large Size (8-3/8")


Our Awareness Wristbands are available in one style:

  • DON'T BE A CLOT, in bright green


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