Research Activity

If you would like to participate in research that helps to improve the understanding of Protein S Deficiency please join our mailing list. Researchers who want to ask people with PSD about a particular aspect of their health, experiences or lifestyle will be able to contact you using our service. It may be that they want to study a particular issue or test a product - all you will receive is an email with details about how to participate if you are interested and there is no other commitment.

Our mailing list will never be shared with any other companies or organisations. If they want to contact you they will need to provide us with their message and we will pass it on to you, thus assuring you that privacy is maintained. MailChimp will keep your personal details confidential.

If you would like to comment on research participation, our mailing list, or have a question about Protein S Deficiency please join our forum and leave a message.


Folding@Home is the first 'distributed computing' project that has led to a research paper published in a top scientific journal. Its aim is to use the spare computational power of thousands of computers to simulate the way proteins are made. You can participate in this research by downloading the free software.
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