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  1. Hi, everyone. I posted back in April that I found out I have PSD after it came up in some infertility testing. I've had two m/c at 6 weeks. The perinatologist and hematologist that I subsequently consulted told me that the PSD was likely not the cause of the m/c or difficulty in getting pregnant. SO, I went back to my RE. Even though I've come out healthy on every single infertility test and my progesterone always tests a healthy high, he suggested I take a progesterone supplement (from 3 days after ovulation onwards) to see if that would result in pregnancy. He explained that for some unexplained reason, there are women that produce healthy amounts of progesterone, but they don't implant well or have early losses, and that these women get pregnant after trying progesterone. So, he told me try progesterone for a few cycles. So, I did. It's my first cycle that I tried progesterone, and I am pregnant. I'm still in shock. Nearly two years trying to have a baby, and that's what it took. I know some of you ladies have tried longer, I'm so sorry. I'm almost embarrased to post my story, but thought I'd post to give you an update on me, and maybe something here will help others. SO, I am continuing to take the progesterone until I'm told to stop it. Hopefully, it gets me well past my dreaded 6-week mark. The hematologist that I saw today told me that he and the perinatologist will place me on lovenox at 10-11 weeks. I'm only 5 weeks pregnant today. I really really hope that I don't lose this one. I hope this progesterone does its job!!! So far, it has! If you pray, prayers please.
  2. Hi, everyone. It's been a long three months since I had my first test that showed PSD (of 24). I've since had two re-tests, so it's confirmed. Included in my tests was a test for Antithrombin Antigen. Mine was 136 and normal range is 75-130. So, I'm slightly high. I have never had a DVT. The only reason I became aware of my PSD is because of infertility testing. Could it be that my elevated Antithrombin Antigen is balancing out my Protein S, and THAT's why I've never had a DVT or other blood clotting problem? I was reading that Antithrombin Antigen prevents us from clotting, so I'm wondering if THAT's what's keeping my PSD at bay.
  3. As a childless woman still trying to get pregnant, I would like to comment. Yes, I think it's a good idea. It'll have to be something that if I want to view it, I can. If I'm having a bad day (like another birthday) and I'm having depressing thoughts and I choose not to view it, then I won't. Don't plaster it all over the place kind of thing is all I'm trying to say. I think the birth stories are a good idea so that if (or when) I finally do get get pregnant I can read someone's story. Also, I'd be interested in reading the mother's path towards getting pregnant and the care she recieved while pregnant.
  4. I just got the test results for my re-test of my Protein S. I also got the results for a WHOLE lot of other tests to deterimine if there is something else causing our infertility. (1) I don't have MTHFR. (2) My chromosomes are perfect. (No, I'm not really a man. ) In fact, I came up healthy on EVERYTHING except this (same as last time): Protein S, free. Two months ago when I did the test, my free Protein S was 24. This latest test result showed I have a 0; that's RIGHT, ZERO Protein S. However, the Perinatologist tells me that the Protein S is NOT the ANSWER to our infertility. He says we have other natural anti-coagulants in our blood to keep everything in balance (between clotting and unclotting), and obviously my body is doing that since I have never had a blood clot or anything like that. He says Protein S doesn't affect pregnancies until the 2nd trimester. I have to go to the lab now to get a re-test (my third) of my Protein S. Depending on those results, he says he may just refer me to a Hemaetologist. So, I'm a bit more confused than ever. I'm thankful that I keep coming up healthy on all these infertility tests, and I'm very thankful that I'm regular (28 days), and I'm SO thankful that my husband's semen analysis was healthy, but it doesn't help explain why we're not getting pregnant. I find comfort in the fact that I'm trying Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), because my TCM Doctor has identified issues that I DO have, and she's fixing them. We've been trying to have a baby for 20 months now with two early miscarriages (at six weeks). Meanwhile I just had another birthday and I'm 37. How can two seemingly very healthy people keep having unprotected sex (during the fertile time of the cycle) and still not get pregnant? Any insights? Thoughts? Comments?
  5. Hi, Amanda. Sorry to hear about your losses. My husband and I are on our 19th month of trying to have a child. I've miscarried twice at 6 weeks. Even though my cycles appear to look fine (every 28 days) I think I have other fertility issues as well and have been going to a Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor. (An RE told me I had "unexplained infertility.") Since finding out on April 5 about my PSD, I've been taking 400IU of vitamin E, 2 g of fish oil, and 5mg of folic acid for circulation. I also take 200mg of vitamin B6. My TCM doctor gives me herbs as well for the blood clotting (angelica root). So, that's what I'm doing -- all natural. I've yet to have a successful pregnancy, but we'll see, it's only been less than two months since I started on all this.
  6. THAT is a beautiful article you wrote! What a beautiful reflection on the people around us.
  7. I used to suffer from lots of fatigue. For like 10 years. Two months ago I read a book, "Fertility, Cycles, and Nutrition" and it advocates lots of vitamins that all women should be taking for proper fertility balance. Our diets simply don't provide us with all the nutrients we need. I went to the drug store and bought ALL the suggested vitamins, and I must tell you (and I keep telling my husband) these last few weeks I have felt so ENERGETIC and AWAKE. I take the B vitamins (especially B6 and Folic Acid) at the high end of the allowable scale; all the other vitamins I just take the author's recommended minimum. (My "high" ones are -- B6 I take 200mcg and Folic Acid 5mg) I heartily recommend this book; it has helped me a lot and my cycles are looking better than ever. I didn't even have bloating or cramps this past cycle.
  8. Zarin, I'm happy to see you are out of the hospital now!
  9. Hi. If PSD is caused because the liver doesn't produce enough Protein S, then is there anything that can be done to MAKE the liver produce more Protein S? Why don't our livers produce enough Protein S? Instead of taking any medication, I'd rather get to the root of the issue and have the liver produce Protein S. Is this possible?
  10. Well, I decided to stop the baby aspirin last week and am giving myself two weeks total off before I go for that blood test. It should be out of my system by then.
  11. Hi, everyone. You may recall my introductory post here. Okay, so, I finally had an appointment with a Perinatologist today. I expected to see pregnant women there, and indeed, there were so many!!! I commented to the receptionist/nurse, how there's all of them, then there's me, The Infertile and Childless One. She told me they have two kinds here -- those that have had recurrent miscarriages and those that are pregnant and high-risk. Okay. So, today's appointment was for a consult. The doctor reviewed my labwork and said that since I have the ONE test showing PSD, that it should be done a second time to confirm. The following is all the blood work he's sending me to get done: Antithrombin III antigen activity levels Lupus anticoagulant Leiden mutation of Factor V Prothrombin G20210A mutation ANA Anticardiolipin Ab. Protein S Antigen activity levels (free and total) Protein C Anigen activity levels (frozen) Methylene tetrahydrofolate reductase (MTHFR) mutation Free T3, T4, TSH Blood Karyotype (chromosomes) Hopefully I don't have anything else besides this PSD. I told the doctor that since receiving my Protein S result 14 days ago that I've been self-medicating myself with a baby aspirin per day. I asked him, if I go for the blood test now, will it skew the result because of the baby aspirin? He told me that perhaps it could and suggested that I wait two weeks (with NO baby aspirin intake) and then go in for the blood test. Would my intake of baby aspirin significantly skew my blood test results? I'm glad to get all this blood work done. He asked about all of our Infertility testing, and I told him that we had come up healthy on all of it, so I've just been dumb-founded as to WHAT is causing our infertility. Anyway, I feel like I'm moving ahead!!!
  12. Hello, Kristina. You have to get through to you daughter somehow. Sure, she may hate needles, but would she rather have all the physical problems YOU have had?
  13. Hi, Jenn. I'm new at this, so I don't know what to say, but I just wanted to say Good Luck!
  14. Thank you, Umi, for writing to me. It's good to know I'm not alone. It's been 9 days since I got my diagnosis, and I still haven't gotten an appointment with the Perinatologist that my gynecologist is referring me to! In the meantime since finding out about my PSD, I read all 15 pages of this Pregnancy forum, just trying to learn more. Okay, okay, I didn't read them ALL, but I skimmed through all of them trying to pick out the important stuff that I need to know! While I wait for my appointment, I've been self-medicating myself with a baby aspirin each day, 5 mg of folic acid, and a glass of wine per night. I culled that from all these posts on here, so I hope that's it!
  15. I've been wondering about this. My husband and I have been trying and trying to have a baby and had no explanation why it wasn't happening. In November I read about Royal Jelly so I started taking it. Incredibly, it eliminated the usual two-days of menstrual spotting that I had always experienced, and I got pregnant! (But I lost that pregnancy at six weeks.) It wasn't until last week (April 5) that I found that I have PSD. Now I wonder: Does Royal Jelly prevent too much clotting in the blood and that's how it helped me get pregnant? I did a quick online search and found this: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/entrez/query.f...&query_hl=2
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