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  1. I have read the previous topics on the tests done for PSD...but the numbers are different. I am in Canada..and this is what my daughter emailed me ... She had double PE ...and based on blood work..he put her on lovenox early in her pregnancy as her blood was "thick"... and the specialist stated that he was playing it safe ... as not quite sure what she had..but protein s deficiency seemed to be what they thought it might be. They suggested...as is general practice..to get her blood tested 6 months after she has been off blood thinners... The results are as follows (as she sent them to me): Protein S Free Antigen 1.00 .68 to 1.46 u /ml Protein C activity 1.15 .79 to 1.53 u/ml Coagulation.... anthithromon activity 1.09 .9 to 1.26 u/ml I am assuming that the numbers to the right are the "normal ranges?"..so to me it seems like it is all in the normal range. These tests were ordered by the family physician and not the hemotologist...does he do different tests?
  2. My daughter had a baby in October and was on Lovenox until the day before. They wanted her off it for 24 hours before inducing her. She had her last shot on Sunday morning and went to hospital on Monday morning to be induced. Late Monday ..when things were not progressing...they gave her an epidural and she also ended up having a cesarian early on Tuesday morning. The doctors advised her beforehand that it would be best not to have epidural or cesarian but that if needed be that it was not impossible. She had both and had no problems!!! She was lucky but they also kept an eye on her and gave her heparin shots right before the cesarian and while she was in the hospital and she continued lovenox for about 6 weeks. She is now finished giving her shots and all is well. I am sure that each case is different and should be discussed with your doctor..as it must depend on your numbers and such...but just wanted to let you know that in some cases that it is not a problem!! good luck!!
  3. This is so sad to hear..and she was so positive about things. From everything I read, she went through a lot and loved to help others!! I did not know her, but I was touched by her.
  4. Just to let you all know..that my daughter had a beautiful baby boy. They did induce her..but things were not progressing and she did have an epidural and ended up having a cesarian. She is feeling wonderful now and the baby is super great! It was a great relief when things went well and there were no major complications.
  5. Yes that did help... so they might give her a low type heparin during late labor.... good to know... and I have been reading your entries and was so happy to hear about your new baby... Thank you so much...
  6. My daughter is being scheduled on Monday (oct 15th) to be induced. Her due date is October 23rd. She has been taking lovenox (120 mg) since May. They have now told her that she has to take her last lovenox needle (before the baby is born) on Sunday the 14th. She will take it at 9 am..which means that on Monday the 15th at 9 am it is out of her system. I understand that it needs to be in case of cesarian or if she does decide on the epidural. My concern..is there a large threat of blood clots from the time that it is no longer in her system to the time of delivery? They are inducing her..and we all know that it can take several hours!!! Just wondering what the rest of you did .... or went through..because sometimes I don't think the doctors think things through ahead of time. Any response would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Well that is wonderful news! Please keep us posted on how things are going! Congratulations!
  8. Hey Tiffatel. It is good to hear that your daughter, who was born premature, is doing well. My daugher, who is now pregnant, was also a premie..by 4 weeks. She is not a good patient...and had no choice but to get over her fear of needles! She is doing quite well .... but I am shocked as to how she only wants to know some stuff regarding the PSD. When she was admitted into hospital a few years ago for the many clots in her lungs.... it seemed she put on blinders...and did not really listen to what doctors said and so on..it was her way of coping..while I am totally opposite and want to learn more...that is why I am so happy to have found this forum. Because my daughter had her blood clots, and found out she was pregnant, I forced her to bring that matter up and she was referred to gynocologist and blood specialist..and with testing found out that she had psd and that her blood wast thick as well....without that I am sure she would have lost the baby. So the previous clots were the warnings...and these actually saved her a lot of grief! AFter reading the many stories on this blog, I realize that there are many successful pregnancies .... and I am definitely trying to keep her in the know...as you have to take care of yourself and have the facts at hand....because you often need to tell the doctors what you want... Anyways... if I have questions...i will certain direct them either to you directly or on this forum.... I find it very useful!
  9. That was great! I will let her know.... and she also called the blood specialist..and he said he would prefer that she give the needles in her stomach for as long as she can!!
  10. Hello.... I hope I get some responses! My daughter is pregnant, only due in October, and was diagnosed with PSD and started Lovenox shots (120mg) per day. This was diagnosed by the blood specialist (hemotologist). When she went for her monthly visit with the gynocologist...first time since her diagnosis...he was shocked that she was giving the injections in her stomach and not her thigh! From what I have read on this forum, most people seem to be giving the injections in the stomach. Are any of you giving them in the thigh ? If so...why were you told that versus the stomach?
  11. One of my friends works at a hospital and I asked her if she could find out the normal range for PTT..and she said that she was told that 24 to 28 was the normal range.... Just in case others were interested.
  12. My daughter, once she was diagnosed with PSD (at 16 weeks) she takes 120 mg of Lovenonx once a day. At this time he says that she will be on this until the birth and then switched to coumadin. This seems to be the norm...but I do find the dosage a little high.
  13. I thiknk i found that chart..but it referred to weight of patient. I am wondering if there are other considereateions. My daughter was recently diagnosed with PSD. She had PE a few years ago but results taken at that time did not really find hte cause. She has moved and when she found out she was pregnant, she was referred to blood specialist. He sent her for tests..and one of the result was positive for PSD and along with PTT of 22 (what normal level is I have no idea!)... and he put her immediately on lovenox at 120 mg per day. I found that this sounds high.
  14. My daughter was recently diagnosed with PSD..however, she did have PE 3 years ago. She is now pregnant and since her episode 3 years ago, I find that she has no get up and go...she tires easily... So from what I am reading, is this a permanent side effect...or something that she will get over...I would love to hear from others.
  15. Hello...this is my first entry. My daughter was recently diagnosed with PSD. In 2004 she had substantial blood clots in both lungs..and she had been on the pill (Alesse for just over one month). She was tested ..and as there was a family history of Factor V leiden...she was tested but was negative. She was on coumadin for 7n months. All was well until she got married and got pregnant. As she had moved...dealing with new doctors and she was referred to blood specialist. He had no documentation and sent her for blood work and set up her next appointment for July as he explained that most problems are later in the pregnacncy. Well last week, she got a call from the blood specialist who asked her to go in the next day. I assume all the blood work was in... and he explained that she has PSD and that and fact that her PTT was 22, that she needed to start Lovenox shots everyday. My questions are... what are the normal values for the PTT..I tried to find it on the net and could not find it. In addition, what are the average dosages of Lovenox taken by other persons...
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