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  1. It is strange how the advice given by hospitals differs, I am pregnant with my third child, and this time I have been told that I can't breastfeed on clexane (but I could if i was on warfarin). I was so shocked that after two children this was the first time that I was told this by the Haemotologist that I went straight to the hospital pharmacy and got them to look it up in their books, and they confirmed that I shouldn't breast feed on Clexane. Of course this could just be that not enough tests have been done to prove either way whether Cleaxane is or isn't safe for a newborn, I just have about five weeks to chose before the baby is due whether or nor I will be taking the advice this time - my haemotologist's suggestion was that I expressed for six weeks until I was back on warfarin and then switched the baby from the bottle to breast, but I really don't think that that is a practical suggestion.

  2. Hi, I was also on clexane from when I was five weeks pregnant in both my previous pregnancies. With my first child I bled heavily at around twelve weeks and thirteen weeks, and later on past large blood clots. They never really found out what caused it and at least twice the hospital staff told me that they thought that I may have miscarried (my hospital does not scan on weekends, so I had to wait for Monday to be scanned to check. and spent the whole weekend crying) but Adam was fine, 5 weeks early, small but fine. He is now an active three year old. During my second pregnancy I had no problems at all.

    I have just found out that am expecting a third so it is off to the clinic next week to be switched over from my warfarin back onto clexane and hopefully I won't bleed again.

    Just keep looking at your scan pictures, and while bleeding during pregnancy can't be good it doesn't have to be the end, Adam is the proof of that.

  3. Hi,

    I spoke to my haemotologist at the hospital yesterday on the same subject, I have been getting worried as a number of my friends are 'accidentally' pregnant. I was told the same, that as long as I come in as soon as possible after I find out I am pregnant everything will be OK. She also said that they don't put people on heparin while they are TTC as it could take a very long time.

  4. Hi,

    After my first DVT, which was also unexplained, I had what my doctor referred to as a thrombophilia screen. For me it consisted of having a blood test (they took four lots of blood from me, but when my sister had the same test at a different hospital they took a lot more). I had to wait about a month while they tested the blood and then go back to see the haematologist for the results.

    When I saw her I was told that they had tested the blood for 4 different conditions all of which can make you more prone to clots, and I had what she referred to as the one she least expected which was PSD. She didn't expect it as I don't have a history of clots in the my close family.

    I wish that I could have remember what else I was tested for, but I was a little shocked by the results and so the rest of the conversation is a bit of a blur.

    As my sister had a different experience that me I think that different hospital screen in different way, but I hope that my experiences help.


  5. Hello, I'm a 30 year old Londoner, who has PSD. I had my first DVT two years ago, which came as a huge shock, as there isn't a history in my family. I was taken off warfarin after 6 months, and a couple of months later was tested for various conditions which could have caused the clot. I had never heard off PSD when the Dr told me I had it, and appart from the advise to see a Dr if I got pregnant and to take asprin if I went on a plane, there wasn't much else that the Doctor could tell me.

    Last September I got my second clot, and spent another week in hospital and am now on warfarin for the rest of my life.

    Finding this forum has been really helpful to me and stops me thinking that I am the only one who worries about the future.


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