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  1. I too have a high cholesterol level. My level has been up to 12.9. I also have a pretty low Protein S level. I have previously posted a suggested area for further investigation about any possible link. I am not a Doctor, but (and it could be coincidence) people confirmed in my family who have PSD also have elevated (high) cholesterol. I am not saying there is a link, but until the question is asked there is no way of knowing. I would be interested in responses.
  2. Thanks for that James. I have read as much as I can about the PSD and Cholesterol, and I am aware that the liver performs a function in both areas. Cholesterol is part diet (obviously) and part liver production. As the protein is manufactured inthe liver, I was pondering if there was any connection. There seems to be some medical articles warning of some interaction and the possibility of false reults on tests if the patient has both conditions, and there looks like a nod towards the effects of a higher cholesterol rating affecting the PSD condition. Perhapse there are more people out there with PSD that have high lipid blood counts than know about it... it could be an interesting area to ask a general question on...maybe? I dont want to start taking statins as I dont feel comfrotable with the lack of long term medical findings (if they potentially affect the liver it may not be a good choice ) However if they do a "good job" and reduce risk it is good, but what if the PSD is skewing results???
  3. Hi Everyone, Sorry I have been out of touch recently, however I am back and keen to be an active member. I have just come back from the Doctors, and have been told (not for the first time over the last 10 years) that my Cholesterol results are high. I have a figure for total chol of 9, Ratio of 7 and triglycerides are at 6. this is high in the normal run of things, however I have had figures as high as 12.9 for total ch levels. The thing is that I run regularly, and do not have an excessive diet of fat etc... nor do I have a weight problem. The doctors want me on avotostatin to reduce the Cholesterol figures but I am not keen because of the (still) unkonwn effects long term. I can reduce to about 5.5 on a VERY strict almost zero fat diet but that is difficult with a family. So, I guess the questions I would like to ask are 1. Is there a link between being a PSD individual and the occurance of high Cholesterol?" 2. If you have PSD (my count is 22) is the lower the count bringing more risk of higher cholesterol?" 3. Are the two linked or not and if they are do they work in opposition to each other? 4. Are the two in anyway linked to the functioning of an individuals liver??
  4. 1) Professor Richard Beezley 2) Wellington Hospital 3) Wellington 4) New Zealand
  5. Hi All, Thanks to all of you who took the time to post a comment. Kathy, I also believe that fit is probably better all round, however for those who are not overly sporty (or mad enough to be) any sort of mobility and exercise will keep the blood flow up. Go on you for going for the Avon Decent. As for my running I am now past the 1hour long run (I lost so much fitness after the clot). It is getting easier again and the excess weight is starting to fall off, breathing is better and I feel good. Still intending to run a half and a full marathon this year, dont care about time, just care about doing it and raising PSD profile. Life is worth living, and and worth living well... Alan
  6. Angela and Kathy, Thanks for the messages, they give me the sense that I am not at all unique (just rare like the rest of us!!). I have also been advised to go back to the Drs when we fly to the UK for a holiday, and to stay aware of any cramps/pains that wont go away after 24 hours. Also the swelling/heat blotches and shortness of breath symptoms. The consultant suggested that should I start any symptoms then I should firstly have a D-Dimer test to check for clotting activity, and to rule out any other causes. Since it appears that I am fortunate enough not (at this time) to have suffered a further clot and have avoided the necessity for life long warfarin, awareness and listening to my body is the best way forward. I am currently training for a half and a full marathon, and will run it in a shirt with some wording to raise awareness over here of this potental silent killer. Alan
  7. I have been diagnosed with PSD (a count of 22). I suffered my first thrombosis in the lower leg after being immobilised for a foot pain caused by running long distances regularly. My specialist/consultant was confident that I should be placed on Warfarin for life, however after some research he approached a consultant haematologist. It has now been decided that I should take 100mg of Aspirin per day to help the condition, and statins to take the peaks off the cholesterol levels I have. I was pleased and at the same time a little concerned about the possibility of a further event. (If I have a further event I will be placed onto Warfarin for life). Has anyone been given this option rather than warfarin as a start and what was your experience? Is it a normal course of events, to go this way and wait for a second thrombosis before the start of anticoags? Anyone else in New Zealand with PSD, I would love to hear from you. Any comments would be gratefully recieved. Alan
  8. Hello to my "new Family". I have just been confirmed as having PSD. As yet I dont have a figure from the count, by the Consultant has said that I do have a very low count figure, and that due to this we need to discuss the possibility of warfarin treatment for life. My history drew no appreciable concerns from medical staff until I has a sore foot caused by running 100KM per week. Then I was placed into a lower leg cast, within 24 hours I had 3 clotsin the medial vein. Then came the Clexane and warfarin treatment for 2 months. My father has had 3 leg thrombosis and 2 PE events. My Sister has had several misscarriages and (thankfully) two live births. Other family members have died from what was described within the family as "Thick Blood". My DVT in the leg, was as far as I know my first clotting episode, and hopefully my last one too!! James, I logged on what there was a good possibility of my final diagnosis, I would just like to pass on my thanks for the web site, and all of the information you andthe other submitters provide. Without your contributions I would be a lot more scared and feeling isolated than I do now. For what it is worth I now live in New Zealand, and would welcome any contact with other PSD people. Kindest regards, and long live us all... Alan
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