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  1. 1) Dr Watts 2) Hemotologist 3) Basildon hosptial 4) Essex, England
  2. Hello everyone We have found out and been on there website to check, the company CoaguChek who make the selftesting INR machines are going on tour all around the uk and ireland! Also there is talk that the machines will be offered at a reduced rate at the events, which is amazing news. This is a link to there website, so you can find out where your nearest location will be, we will be going to the Rayleigh one in essex. http://www.coaguchek.com/uk/bustour/ You still need to check with your local gp's to see if they will give the strips and chip needed for the machine, but if there are cheaper and you want one, we advise you to go. Take care, Love Jayne and Greg x
  3. Thank you for getting back to me, with a lot of info. I feel a little sad that a child may get this horrible condition, as i know how badly it affects greg sometimes. But i will defiantly take the risk with him, as we really want a family. Thank you again Jayne xx
  4. Hiya, my name is Jayne, my fiance greg has PSD. He has had it since he was 14, he is now 24., and has had 2 clots in his left leg. once we are married we hope to have children, so does any one know if there are any risks for me or the baby? i worry that the baby may have PSD and it could pass it to me?!? This may sound strange, but i am quite conserned. Does anyone have any info on this or had the same situation? Thank you xx
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