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  1. Dr. Glen Morehead Oncology/Hematology Spalding Oncology Griffin, Georgia
  2. Hello Everyone, I am 37 years old and found out about a year ago that I have PSD. They found 2 blood clots and put me in the hospital. While in the hospital (for 10 days) they started me on Coumadin and Lovenox. After days of being on that medicine, I developed more clots. Come to find out that the Coumadin and Lovenox was not working. I am now on Arixtra injections once daily for the rest of my life. I still develop clots, but not as quickly. I still have 2 of the larger clots that they first discovered almost a year ago. I have a wonderful husband .... whom gives me my injection every morning and 3 great children. I live in Georgia.
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