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  1. I am having the same issues actually. Let me know what you find out id you find out anything.,
  2. typically you would be on lovenox or heparin and baby aspirin during your pregnancy. I just had a baby in October and that was what I took for the duration of my pregnancy. Good luck to you
  3. ive had 2 successful pregnancies. never had a miscarriage. First baby had a stroke in utero because we had no idea i had psd. second baby i took lovenox and baby aspirin and had a healthy baby. good luck to you with this baby!
  4. 1) Doctors Name - Dr Yingling 2) Specialism e.g. haematologist, obstetrician, gynaecologist-high risk OBGYN 3) Hospital or Town - SSM st joseph's hospital west 4) City, County and State or Country - lake st louis, missouri
  5. Nicci, I have it and had no clue either. I had my first son. 5 years ago. He had a stroke in utero because I passed a clot to him. We had no clue until I became pregnant again and just had my second son a month ago. I was put on lovenox. and baby aspirin....lovenox to prevent myself from a stroke and baby aspirin to prevent my unborn baby from a stroke. No strokes. You CAN have children....you CAN have healthy pregnancies. Just be sure you discuss all this with your OB before you get pregnant. Request a high risk OBGYN as well. It is stressful but really....it can work. My second son is perfectly healthy...no signs of a stroke at all.
  6. Are you supposed to store it in the fridge? I was just switched from lovenox becuase I am nearing the end of my pregnancy and the nurse said to put it in the fridge but it doesnt say anywhere on the script to do so and when I went in today because I was having trouble getting the medicine into the needle for my first shot...I wound up wasting a vile so she replaced it. The one she gave me wasnt refrigerated...so whats the deal? Yes or no?
  7. when I was diagnosed the Dr had me test my son who is 5 right away because he had a stroke in utero. So we had him tested and he was negtive thankfully. Better safe than sorry if you ask me.
  8. Hey congratulations!!! Best of luck to you with this pregnancy!
  9. Besides, with some people when induced and your body just isnt ready yet, its harder to preogress in the labor. I had that problem with my first son. But yes if you plan on epidurals and such then you need the meds out of your system first. I am having a c section and was told I would stop mine 2 days before hand.
  10. And just to add, plenty of women have successful pregnancies. My first son...I didnt take any medication because I didnt know I had thrombophilia. Yes he had a stroke in utero...but he is otherwise full term and healthy. And it was a mild stroke. My second pregnancy, we didnt find out about the thrombophilia until I was almost in my second trimester. So dont give up mama!
  11. Did your Dr start you on anticoagulants like lovenox or heparin before getting pregnant? We only found out about my PSD after getting pregnant with baby #2. Baby #1 had a stroke in utero. So I was sent to a high risk OB who tested me. We had my husband and son both tested when I got my results and both of them thankfully are negative. I would ask about the anticoagulants. Good luck to you.
  12. Hi Gem, I am on my second pregnancy. While I never had a miscarriage, my first son did have a stroke in utero. His neurologist is going to be testing him for things becaue she said that along with my protein S deficiency, it has to be accompanied usually by something my son may have in order for it to have caused his stroke. Otherwise it was probably just a coincidence. I am on lovenox now with baby #2 though. I am due in October. I only found out about my deficiency since becoming pregnant with my second son. I was tested because of my sons stroke. I agree though, we all have lots of experience with injections. So please ask.
  13. James, I was just about to start a new post when I saw you mention acquired PSD. I dont know yet if mine is hereditary or acquired. So I was wondering if you have acquired PSD, say from a pregnancy, can it go away after pregnancy at some point? Or do you have it always.....
  14. Shazza I had my son tested as soon as they found out I was positive. Thankfully he is negative! My dad was also tested and he was negative. My brothers were planning to test so I am waiting for their results
  15. Hi everyone. I am Jennifer. I am 32 years old. I was just diagnosed a few months ago with low protein S. I personally have had no known blood clots. I am a nervous wreck over this right now. My dad was just tested and he is negative, as is my son. My brothers and cousins are still waiting to be tested as well. How I found out about this....I have a 5 year old son who suffered a stroke in utero. We were always told it was a fluke and there was no known cause. We decided to wait until he was older before trying again because we wanted to be sure he was at a good point in his life where having another baby would not take away time he needed from us for things like therapy and stuff. He is doing great these days. So, baby #2...I am pregnant right now, 27 weeks along. My OB sent me to a high risk OB. The HR OB wanted to monitor my babies brain because it is possible to detect a stroke through ultrasounds. He also wanted to do a bunch of blood tests on me. I had blood tests done when we used to live in NY (we are in MO now) and the Drs in NY didnt find anything. They did not however do as extensive a blood checkup as they did here in MO. My HR OB found I had low protein S thrombophilia. And that this was a likely cause to my sons stroke. ...from me passing a clot to him when I was pregnant. So he put me on lovenox and baby aspirin to help prevent my baby from a stroke....and me. So far so good. Only problem is....I started out at 60mg of lovenox. They did the antigen A test to see if it was working and my levels were still not right so they increased it to 80mg. Did another antigen A test and again my levels are not right. So now I am at 120mg. I am a nervous wreck over it becuase I have to wait a few weeks before they can test me again for the antigen A test and I worry that again it wont be right. I am now on bedrest for contractions which are mild. But I think they are due to all the stress I am feeling over this whole thing. Everyone keeps telling me to stop stressing myself but come on....if someone knows of a magic switch that will magically turn OFF stress..then why have I not heard aout it yet?
  16. I am having a repeat c section and my Dr said he wants me off lovenox for 48 hrs before I go in for the c section. He said that lovenox is not long lasting in the system like heparin is and is easily out of the system after being off it for a few days unlike heparin which takes longer.
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