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  1. I went ahead and had my medic alert "bracelet" tattooed on my wrist. It has the standard appearance on the top of my wrist & the underside reads "Protein S Deficiency On Anticoagulants." The tattooist couldn't (at first) understand why I wanted to increase the spacing in the word "proteins." Then he had the A-Ha moment while I was explaining the condition (OHHH, you're only deficient ONE protein then...). I reason my kidneys aren't terribly likely to re-format themselves, suddenly balancing the S and K out. A tattoo won't get lost or forgotten, & actually cost me less than the metal version would've (by about 50%).
  2. +1 All sympathies to those that suffer from them.
  3. As a result of the DVT I developed in my left thigh, the valves in the primary vein running through the center of the major muscles in that leg were basically rendered useless. The capillaries in my ankle can't handle the excess blood, as the blood now doesn't circulate properly (this brought to you by Captain Obvious and the letter 'Duh'). I have ulceration on both sides of my ankle. I recently had a visit with a vascular surgeon, who after an ultrasound, more or less threw his hands up and said "keep your leg over your heart as much and as often as you can." Evidently, there aren't any reliable transplant options for that vein known in science at this time. I wear compression socks daily. I (naturally) was already aware of the leg-elevation. I also have the need to work to support myself. My ulcers haven't completely healed in 2+ years, & I'm at wit's end. Does anyone else deal with this? Anybody have suggestions? Sorry for any undue sarcasm, and thanks for reading
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