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  1. No. He hasn't been seen since last summer, but he has tested (positive) more than once. Unfortunately, I didn't think of asking about thinners for him until a couple of days prior to our trip, which is tomorrow! You may have seen my post on facebook. Doc did decide to give him shots for the flights. I'd rather be safe than sorry... Thanks, James.
  2. I have a PSD diagnosis but no history of DVT, etc. My doc has prescribed Lovenox shots for an 11-hour flight overseas. Would you expect that my PSD 15-year-old son should do the same? He is in excellent health, but it seems like I've heard of young adults with PSD getting PEs out of the blue and I'm feeling nervous that he's not covered. Thanks! Jill
  3. Hi, I realize this is an old post, but I am still sorry to hear of your loss! I hope you are doing well now. I am baffled that your doctors did not have you take Lovenox during your pregnancy! When I was prenant 15 years ago, I had a doctor tell me that PSD+pregnancy=25% chance of a blood clot. So, of course, I took Heparin. What has been your experience since this post? Blessings, Jill
  4. I am 45 and was diagosed PSD in my 20s from family history. I was fortunate to find out, go off BCP and avoid other risky situations. As a result, I had 2 successful pregnancies and have had no clotting events. Therefore, I'm on no thinners, except during long haul flights. My question: Has anyone gotten doctor approval for supplements or meds for perimenopause/menopause relief? I do realize that I will need to clear anything I take with my doctor, but I am wondering if others have had anything prescribed or approved by theirs. I see some people take Black Cohosh, but a google search turned up that it's not recommended for those at risk of blood clots. Thanks! Jill
  5. I didn't receive an email but wish to keep my account. thanks for all you do, James.
  6. Does any one no is children should be tested?? I think it's important to have your children tested. If they have surgery or break a limb, their doctors should be aware so that they can be treated accordingly. There risk factors that they can avoid as well. My two children have been tested, and one is positive for PSD.
  7. Hi! I'm Jill and I live in Nevada, USA. I was about 25 when I was diagnosed with PSD, and have since been diagnosed with PCD as well. I was diagnosed after a distant cousin had a clot during gall bladder surgery, and was found to have PSD. Her doc recommended that everyone in her family be tested. She also traced back up our family tree and found many who had died from circulatory problems. My mother was deceased, but had had clots and clearly had PSD. One of my two brothers is postive and the other is negative. The one with PSD has had two incidences of DVT between the ages of 45 and 50. One of my two children tested positive for PSD. I am now 42 and have not had DVT, PE, etc. I was on Heparin during my two pregnancies but have not been on anything on a regular basis. I'm doing my best to just live a clean life, exercise, avoid hormones, etc. I don't worry constantly about PSD/PCD--sometimes, however, I feel like a ticking time bomb! Will it happen? When? I know I'm fortunate to be asymptomatic, but just wonder if and when that will change. Wishing you blessings for good health and much happiness! Jill
  8. Thanks, Kathy. I did see my hematologist, and she said that bruises aren't a concern, even bad ones. That's good to know. On another note, I recently had more bloodwork done, only to find that I am mildly Protein C deficient as well as S. Now that's something I didn't need! Anyway, hope you're all well. Blessings, Jill
  9. Hi, My PSD was diagnosed because of family history. I am 42 and have never had DVT, so I am not on any thinners. Recently I had a bad fall and have an extremely bad bruise on my upper thigh near my hip. It is the size of a grapefruit, is purple as an eggplant, and is swollen. My question is whether I need to be concerned about developing DVT because of it. I have never heard about bruises being linked, but this isn't an ordinary bruise. I'd like to hear what you know... Thanks, and many blessings to you! Jill
  10. Hello! I'm new to the board...41 years old and diagnosed PSD 15 years ago when a family history was found. I have no history of DVT. One of my two siblings are also PSD. At least one of my two children are PSD and the other hasn't been tested yet. I have also been diagnosed with Migraine Associated Vertigo, which means that I have a problem with dizziness that is caused by silent migraines. The primary migraine trigger is almost certainly hormone fluctuations as my problem always starts at the beginning of my cycle. So my question: are there any hormones that are okay to take? Low levels? Synthetics? Cream? My family doc knows very little about PSD, so getting info will require a trip to the hematologist. I'm interested in what you all know... Thanks so much! Jill
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