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  1. Hi there. New to this forum and would love some comments or feedback on my particular situation. I fell pregnant with my little girl in 2004. She was born a few weeks early when I started spotting and passing clots of blood, but it was only about 2-3 weeks earlier than the anticipated date. During this pregnancy I was on high doses of vitamin B. I have read that with thrombophilia high doses of Vitamin are recommended?? Battled to conceive and we even had a few trips to the fertility clinic to determine if there were any issues we could be missing. I fell pregnant on my own after each lap but both ended in m/c (10 weeks (D&C) and then 8 weeks(natural m/c) - both seemed to start well and then just ended.). My gynae did some blood tests which showed I have PSD. We seem to think this may have been a factor in the m/c, but obviously one can't be 100% sure. I have now fallen pregnant again (naturally with no help of hormones or a laprascope) and at the very early stages (5wks). I have started with the Clexane. Was wondering if anyone else had a successful pregnancy and then battled to find they had PSD? And why this is the case (any explanations been offered). I am a runner and have been told to stay off exercise for first trimester. Can you exercise while on Clexane? I ran up to 7 and a half months of my first pregnancy. I dont need to run marathons, just a daily run or every 2nd day would be nice to maintain? And any comments on the Vitamin B? Thanks a lot!! J
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