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  1. Hi Kazza So sorry to hear of another loss for you. I hope you are trying to stay positive. I have been through something similar, and when under the care of St Mary's last year they gave me a prescription for Clexane (40mg) in advance of falling pregnant. They said should I fall pregnant then I could start injecting from day 1 of getting a positive test. So if you are still trying then it is worth speaking to them again to see if they will do this for you. Good luck! Claire
  2. Hi All Does anyone have any information on acquired PSD? Is this a result of my first pregnancy which was perfectly normal and healthy, or the subsequent four miscarriages? I have just had the results on some genetic tests which show I do not have the gene for it, so I guess it's not hereditary in my case. Sorry for the questions but a little confused. Thanks
  3. 1. Dr A Roy 2. Deputy Director Haematologist 3. Haemophilia & Thrombosis Centre, Basingstoke & North Hampshire Hospital 4. Hampshire, England
  4. Hi Janine, Welcome to the forum! I only joined a few months ago and have found everyone's experiences and knowledge a great help. I hope you find some answers to your questions. I had a perfectly normal and easy pregnancy with my little boy (aged 3), this was then followed by three miscarriages at 10,10,6 and 8 weeks. It was only in the last pregnancy that I was aware I had PSD and was started on 20mg Clexane at 5 weeks. My Haematologist has never mentioned anything about vitamin B to me but I am due to see him on Friday and so will put the question to him. Hope everything goes well with the Clexane and this baby. Best wishes Claire
  5. Hi Rachel Yes the injections seem to be going Ok thanks. The odd day I get the angle a little wrong and it hurts a little but in general it's been going surprisingly well. It helps reading about others experiences and it also distracts the attention from the waiting for the viability scan! Can I ask did you ever have any blood loss when taking Clexane in pregnancy? I seem to remember my Haematologist mentioning I am more likely to bleed, but now that I think of it I am not sure whether he meant just when you cut yourself. I have read some of the posts on here where other ladies have had bleeding a lot of the way through pregnancy so at the moment I can't tell whether this is normal for Clexane or whether it is the early signs of another miscarriage. (The hospital can't really advise at the moment so guess will have to wait and see and speak to the doctor tomorrow.) I didn't have anything like this when I had my first child. Anyway lets keep everything crossed. Claire
  6. Hi Ladies I am 7 weeks now and my Haematologist started me on a low dose (20mg) of Clexane a couple of weeks ago. Colette a little similar to you he also wanted to wait until I had a viability scan initially but then decided he would put me on a low dosage based on what he had done with another patient previously. He then proposes to up it to 40mg after the scan if everything OK and continue with it right the way through pregnancy. Before getting the positive test I did ask him was it a matter of cost as to when he started the Clexane and he assured me it was not as Clexane was inexpensive. I seem to remember something in the region of 30pence per 20mg. So Julie I don't know how much Lovenox costs but it may be an alternative for you if available. Good luck to you all. Claire
  7. Hi L Thanks for your input. My haematologist (and his colleagues) decided he would wait for a positive test before starting Clexane as he says there is no medical eveidence to say it helps beforehand. He also keeps telling me that there is no evidence to say there is a link between PSD and early pregnancy loss. So I guess I will wait and see. Good luck and best wishes Claire
  8. Hi Rachel Thanks for coming back to me. It seems from all the reading I have done here this is the general course of action. So I guess we just wait and see now! Best wishes Claire
  9. Hi everyone, Have only recently been diagnosed with PSD and have found this website very helpful, especially when you have so many questions swimming round in your head. I have tried looking through all the posts to see if I can find an answer to this one. Has anyone out there ever started Clexane injections before falling pregnant? Particularly after recurrant miscarriage. My Haematologist is discussing my case with his colleagues as he has only ever had 3 patients with PSD and so does not have a lot to go on. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Claire
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