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  1. Hi Ladies I think this opinion from haematologists must be quite common. Despite known PSD and previous miscarriage 2 different haematologists from different health authorities would not prescribe me clexane until I'd had a viability scan after a positive test, this being at 7 and 9 weeks respectively. The gestation of the test was dictated by the waiting list for the scan rather than any urgency to help prevent the loss of a pregnancy! Fingers crossed and to all trying for a positive test. Sticky dust all round. Collette xxx
  2. Hi Bex Congratulations on your pregnancy. I have no medical advice to provide but have had 2 successful pregnancies whilst taking clexane and breastfed both, 1st for 6 weeks, 2nd for 6 months. I was advised there was no reason why I should not feed whilst on clexane. I definately recommend you ask about having clexane for 6 weeks rather than warfarin. I was hospitalised at 6 weeks after my first birth and I can assure you expressing for so long is not an option. I was in for a week, unable to feed my expressed milk due to my medication, and my baby never really took to the breast after that. And trying to keep your supply adequate to feed a hungry baby is very hard work. Good luck hun. x
  3. Hi I am sorry to hear of your losses. I know how painful that can be as I have had 2 miscarriages myself. I now have 2 healthy little boys after discovering I have PSD and also a prothrombin gene mutation (known as combined thrombophilia, I have even greater risk of clots). With my 1st full term pregnancy I saw a haematologist and an embryologist who specialises in the health of very early pregnancy. I started 40mg clexane at 7 weeks. 9 weeks with the 2nd pregnancy. These dates were more to do with waiting times to see a dr than anything medical. I will try to find my old notes so I can put you on to someone who can help, but I just wanted to reassure you that successfull pregnancy is possible with PSD. I have found his no. on my emergency contact card! Consultant Haematologist Dr H M Hirri. St Marys Hospital, Portsmouth, UK. 02392 866245. Now this card is about 8 years old and I am no longer his patient as I have moved so I can't say how accurate this information is today. I will try to find out. Fingers crossed for you. x Collette
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