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  1. hi im in New Zealand. i take clexane now and wel be taking warfin after the bubs is born. i would love to feed if possible and it wont affect baby. i would also love to hear from woman that are pregenant or have had babys with the PSD as i do get a bit scared from knowing i have this PSD and only found out cos my mother got a DVT holloback soon
  2. hi ya, Im new to this site to.. i was told when i was 18 that i had Protein S Deficiency after my mother was put in hospital with a blood clot that was travelling to her lung. I had a daughter at 23 who is now 7 and i was put on to a specialist. but i was put on nothing through the preggy, but after she was born i was given a injection then the next day another injection. guess it was clexane. but now i am preggy againing and have a specialist that has put me on 100mg of clexane from when i was 10 weeks and il be on tell 12 hours before baby is born which il be induced at 38 weeks (4th July 2009), but after baby is born i go onto warlfin for 6 months after. the sad thing for me is that im unable to breast feed due to warlfin, so any advice on peoples experence would be good. thanks
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