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  1. Thanks Orangefoot for your top tips... But I'vs started to miscarry again last night so going up to the hospital today, obviously not meant to be Kazza x
  2. Thanks for both of your replies...Is's nice to know that someone is there. I contacted my Hemotologist the day after and he saw me immediately and put me on Clexine there and then(with no scan). He couldn't beleive that with my past miscarraiges St Mary's were not prepared to put me on them straight way. So great, have Clexine now and at least I slept easier knowing I was getting help. What made me laugh is that St Mary's called me the same day (as I had asked to speak to a consultant, and not the nurse or the receptionist) and he agreed that I should be on Claxine ASAP after I mentioned I was put on it by my hemotologist... Can you believe that, even after the letter they sent my doctors stated after my scan! Just shows that sometimes we just have to push! God it makes me so cross, I have PSD but have never had any symptoms and have never been on any medication. I just hope this does the trick xx
  3. Hi everyone Just wanted to get your thoughts on this one... Just found out I am pregnant (just under 5 weeks) but as I have had 3 miscarriage's previously I am under St Mary's recurrent Miscarraige clinic in London. This is where I found out about my Protein S defiency. Each time I have miscarried it has always been at 5 weeks, so why won't St Mary's give me an aoppointment for a scan until 6 weeks to get claxine and an ultrasound? I have been completley in tears to the hospital but they won't budge (apparently until they see a pregancy they won't give me Claxine)... I feel what's the point? Yes I'm on asprin but was on that with my last pregnancy and still miscarried at 5 weeks. Has anyone got a view on this? Help!!!!! Karen x
  4. 1.. (any) 2.. Recurrent Miscarriage Clinc 3.. St Mary's Hospital 4.. Paddington, London
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