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  1. I use the Sigvaris open-toed knee-highs. I prefer the black ones. I occasionally go without stockings when I am doing something active while wearing shorts.
  2. Great story! As a side note, I have found that my family get colds/flu and I don't. Weird.
  3. Trying to find out if this drug is covered by my health plan. My doctor recommended it as I am very delinquent on my blood sampling. (I know, I know but 10mg a day w/o variance for 22 years will get anyone complacent)
  4. So now the pharmacy vampires are coming to harvest us?
  5. I agree with orangefoot. I can go for several days without wearing the stockings but my legs feel so much better when I wear them.
  6. I've been on warfarin (10mg) since 1989 and I only get headaches from dehydration.
  7. I was hired with their knowledge of my anti-coagulant usage. I hide my name as inmates might use this information. A popular misconception is that persons with PSD are on 'blood thinners'. As we know, our blood is just as thick/thin as everyone else's - we just clot faster. My only hang ups are with surgery or obtaining life insurance. Luckily I purchased life insurance (monthly payments) when I was 19, a year prior to being diagnosed. I would recommend everyone who has PSD to get their relatives to buy life insurance prior to being screened.
  8. I know you are looking for someone in the UK, but if you want a Canadian perspective, I am your guy. * 41 (name withheld due to employment as a correctional officer) * Vancouver, Canada * Blood specialist visit after initial DVT * 1990 - PE mis-diagnosed followed several months by a complete DVT of full right leg, venous return requiring intensive care for 5 weeks * Daily management as below but nothing special. Wary of being hit in the nose. * 10mg warfarin sodium daily, compression stockings, very moderate consumption of alcohol, irregular INR checks (dosage hasn't changed in 21 yrs) * Almost always asked by practitioners if I have a artificial heart when getting my INR checked
  9. I have been working graveyard and dayshifts for 21 years with zero effect on my INR.
  10. Lots of experience with ulceration (ankle to hip right leg and left knee). My ulcers came from not wearing stockings. I totally agree on upping your compression level. Try swimming as an exercise if the ulcer isn't too bad. Need to get oxygen to the tissues.
  11. You don't need an anti-coagulant if you are within normal ranges. One of the reasons for concern is the normally cramped conditions of a long-haul flight. You probably have nothing to fear. My personal emergence of PSD only occurred after receiving a slap shot to my ankle (only in Canada, eh?). I've been on many a plane prior + post diagnosis. I do/take nothing different than my normal meds and compression stockings when flying. My 'man-hose' as my wife so eloquently puts it. Just get up and walk around a bit during the flight. Normal advice for any traveler. Sorry James!
  12. You should be checked at least once a month. Your INR should be kept within normal ranges. Make no mistake - this is can be a very serious problem if left untreated.
  13. Welcome to the forums! If you haven't clotted before you should be 99.99999% fine. There is nothing wrong with having one aspirin a day if all it does is give you peace of mind...or a glass of beer... Do get the socks as that will relieve stress on your legs. Do get up and walk around during the flight. I flew around the world before I was diagnosed and I didn't get up much. I've never had any altitude problems. Worst case scenario: Let a stewardess know that you may be prone to clotting just in case anything happens.
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