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  1. Thanks james that's really interesting. I feel better about long haul flying without Heparin now. However, just for peace of mind, I've made an appointment to get a second opinion on the 21st dec, I'll let you know what the GP says.
  2. Thanks for the D-dimer Test tip. Yes, it is my family history that has me most worried. I wish the Haemotologist would prescribe me Herparin. Surely it makes sense? Did you take any blood thinners before your long haul flight? Henry
  3. Thanks for your advice - It is appreciated. My Dr had never even heard of Protein S Defiency, so I was unsure whether to trust him. Perhaps someone could answer a question that he couldn't; How often do I need to get my protein S level re-tested? I assume your level can change later in life?
  4. I was diagnosed with Protein S Defficiency 4 years ago, after my mother tested positive after her 3rd blood clot. I'm a healthy 28yr old man and my level is 60, just below the normal range. I'm off travelling in Jan 2010 for 6 months, which will include several long haul flights between 10 - 18hrs. I visited my Dr yesterday who contacted a Haemologist for advice regarding flying with protein S. To my surprise, the heamotologist said that there is no need for heparin or asprin and advised flight socks, water etc. Although my Protein S level is 60, I am worried about my family history. My mother has had several serious blood clots and my grandfather died of a stroke. What would others advise, should I seek a second opinion or was the haemologist right to deny heparin and advise against asprin? Thanks
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