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  1. Orangefoot, Thanks for the response. I have not been diagnosed for more than a couple of months and am still trying to understand. In fact, this site and these forums are what convinced me to have myself tested. Thanks everyone! Erin
  2. Hi, I have never posted on here before. But I have recently been diagnosed with PSD. I am 27 and have not ever been pregnant. Nor have I had any clots. I requested that I be tested for PSD because of my family history and tested positive. Because of my history and INR levels, my hematologist has me on warfarin now. However, she wants me on Lovenox as soon as my husband and I want to try and have babies. In fact, no trying until we switch meds. She said she absolutely did not want me to get pregnant while on the warfarin. From this post I gather that she is much more proactive about this than most other doctors. And her plan is not the norm.(The cost factor is definetely prohibitive too. Still trying to figure that out) My OB really has no idea about PSD so I feel very hopeful that my hematologist is going to take good care of me. It is a scary time to know that things can go wrong and all the information we can gather is helpful. Hope all goes well for you. I will be thinking about you.
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