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    High INR

    Hi All I went for my usual INR check at clinic on Tuesday to be told by INR had shot up to 12.2, this is the highest it has ever been. I am usually quite stable but every 5 - 6 months I seem to get really high reading my last episode was about 5 months ago and my reading was 9.5. I had to go along to our A&E and take Vitamin K to reverse the action of the warfarin, but over night I felt really strange, dizzy, pains in back and also i found blood in my urine which shocked me, so went back to A&E and they kept me in overnight I had some more vitamin K and my reading came down to 5.5 yesterday morning, then they retested again later in day and it had come down to 4.2 they let me go home at this point, am returning this morning to clinic to be re-tested hopefully to be re-started on the warfarin and get a normal reading which for me is between 2.0-3.0. Has this ever happened to anyone else? Tinasyn
  2. Dr. Moreby Haematologist Kings Mill Hospital Newark, Notts
  3. With my first pregnancy I was taken off Warfarin before getting pregnant then when I found out I was pregnant started the fragmin injections, after having my son i was still on injections for about two days then they transferred me back to warfarin. After having my son they thought I had blood clots in my lungs as i was in terrible pain, luckily i was xrayed and they didnt find anything and was kept in hospital due to this complication. My second pregnancy was different I was told I was not allowed to stop the warfarin before but had to be on Fragmin even before i found out i was pregnant, then my daughter turned breech so I was told I had to have a C Section so was in hospital longer but was transferred back over to warfarin after the delivery.
  4. side effects of warfarin

    1. tinasyn


      does anyone get side effects from warfarin

  5. I have PSD I had a DVT and PE back in 1987 luckily I survived, after this event I was sent for testing and found out that I had PSD my father was then sent for testing and was found to have PSD as well, both my father and myself are on warfarin for life after both having DVT and PEs. My brothers were both tested and have PSD to, they havent had any clots so far we were told they only had it slight (whatever that means). Since having my own children back in 1995 and 1997, I was told to get them test when they were at puberty stage, I have had my daughter tested and she is free from PSD, I had my son tested and he does have PSD slight the same as my brothers, just a case of keeping an eye out for him if he is ill or layed up for a long time. He does keep asking me questions about things he does get a bit worried things.
  6. Hi I have had two children, I have PSD and was taking fragmin all way through my pregnancy as well, my first child was born full term I did have a lot of scans to make sure all was well, but I had a natural delivery no problems, stopped taking the fragmin after the birth and was transferred back on to my warfarin after, he is now 15 years old. My second child again I was on fragmin injections all the way through but because my daughter turned breach on me I had to had a c sectfion, the doctors were very concerned about this I was told I could be put to sleep which was the preferred method or i could have a spinal block so I could be awake through the birth, I opted for the spinal block which they agreed to, it did take me a lot longer to recover after the birth as I was not allowed alot of the medication for pain relief because of the warfarin and psd condition. I do hope all of your prenancies go well. I have just found out that my son has psd as well so will be keeping a close eye on him. Good luck everyone. Tina
  7. I also suffer from migraines, i do take tablets to stop them, but have never been told that it could be linked to my Protein S Deficiency, if you do find anything i would be greatful if you could post it on here
  8. Hi All I also have Protein S Deficiency have been taking warfarin for 20years in the last 1yr I have had recurrent paintful joints, my fingers, knees, feet and toes, I have recently been to have an MRI Scan to determine what this is, the last time i saw my dr. he said that my blood was saying I had some form of arthritis but my xrays were clear hence the reason for the MRI scan to try and solve the problem, I was wondering if I may have gout it sounds quite similar to the symptoms I have been having, havent got an appointment to see my consultant until 18th September so its just a waiting game to see whats going on, I was told from my heamatoligist that you can be prone to painful joint whilst on warfarin so am not sure what to think, will have to wait until 18th to find out. Tina
  9. Hi Clare I had a c section with a spinal block 11 years ago, I also have Protein S Deficiency and am on long term medication as I had a DVT and a PE when i was 19. I was also injecting with LWMH twice a day when I was pregnant, my daughter turned breach on me so i wasnt aloud to give birth naturally. I was monitored very carefully before and after my c section, the only problem being that I wasnt allowed alot of the medication for pain etc after the c section. If you are allowed the option of being induced this would probably be the easiest option, if there is such a thing. Hope everthin goes ok for you, good luck. Tina
  10. Hi When I was pregnant back in 1997 the procedure was that I was to come off Warfarin before trying to get pregnant and transfer over on to Heparin, injecting twice a day, this I did for both my pregnancies, I have PSD and had a DVT and PE. After giving birth I was then transferred back over on to the Warfarin. My children are now 9 and 11, I am at the point of trying to find out if they have PSD. Good luck Tinasyn
  11. Hi everyone, I was diagnosed back in 1988 with PSD after myself having a DVT and PE because I did not now about the condition. I have gone on to have 2 beautiful children. After having each of my children the advice was different. When I had my little boy I was told he would need to be tested at around the age of 16. Then when I had my little girl I was then told she would have to be tested at puberty anywhere from the age of 9-16ish. My little girl has recently been unwell and was sent to have some blood taken, since having this blood taken the protein levels have come back wrong. So we have been referred to a Paeditrition (not sure on spelling). We are not due to see the doc until 4th Sept so we are at present playing a waiting game. I was then told they would probably send for my little boy who is now (10) to check him out. So I think it varies on the doctors and which area you live in. Tinasyn
  12. Abbie, I was informed by my doc that my daughter would have to be tested about the time of puberty because of the risk of hormones kicking in and causing problems if she did have psd. I actually had two clots at same time when I was 18, so not sure where your doc got his informaiton from about 28 being a common age. I am going to make sure my daughter is tested before she becomes a teenager and will push for my son to have the same done as I do not want to run the risk of them getting clots the same as I did. I inherited my PSD from my father, I am just glad I am still here it was touch and go. I now of half a dozen people who have died from clots, so I count myself very lucky and thanks to good doctors.
  13. Hi Rhona, Hope you are feeling OK. I did have heparin shots during pregnancy because I had previously had two blood clots which resulted in testing and finding out I had Protein S Deficiency. My friend also has had one miscarrage and one baby she lost due to they think a clot in the umbilical cord during pregnancy, only because she knew of my circumstances did she push to have blood tests and found out she has Protein C Deficiency. She got pregnant again and requested to have heparin shots through the pregnacny the docs agreed. She now has a healthy baby girl. She has not had any episodes of clotting herself. I think I would try to seek further advice, maybe through your midwife or consultant. I wish you all the luck in the world. Tinasyn
  14. Hi Sandi, Firstly Think positive! If you want to start a family don't let PSD get in your way. Knowing that you have it is a blessing in disguise; you can be monitored carefully and treated appropriately which will minimise your risks. I was diagnosed back in 1987 with PSD after a DVT and PE. I now have two beautiful children. I was told not to conceive whilst I was taking medication. Once pregnant I was put on to fragmin injections twice a day, there was no other pain other than that when injecting. I will of course have to have my children tested for PSD when they are old enough, I was told that they would have to be tested before puberty. If you are really serious about have children dont let the PSD get in your way. My best friend lost her baby because she did not know she had PSD but once she was tested and diagnosed she tried again and was treated with injections the same as I was. She has never had any episodes herself other than when pregnant. I hope this helps in some way, if you need to talk please email me. Yours Tinasyn
  15. Hi all, I do get very tired, sometimes I feel I just want to lay on settee allday, but obviously with 2 children this is not possible. My father also has psd and is taking Warfarin, he also gets very tired very easily he has been taking Warfarin 1981.
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