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  1. Since this post I've had a baby. Another boy who was born healthy at 37 weeks weighting 6lb 10oz, I breast fed for a while so only started rivaroxaban last week. I feel amazing, I must have been so worn down by warfarin then sinthrome and not realised. I've been on them or pregnant for 5 years, I did have a small break at one point. I was on a high dose though(between 14-20mg). I had to be under staff at the hospital because I was uncontrolled going once or twice a week. I'm a morning person again and can stay up late, my skins completely clear and nice again and my hair isn't falling out! No
  2. Once you have your baby in the UK they are given a injection of vitamin K, which is the antidote to blood being to thin. So my question is should my baby who 'could' have PSD be getting this? I know it can be given orally. My consultants are looking into this but thought I'd see if anyone had any thoughts. X
  3. I think it's a better idea to get them on prescription. My left leg is much bigger then my right, the pharmacy measures three different points on my legs then ordered in two sets of sock so both legs get the right amount of pressure.
  4. After my extensive DVT and PE's I took warfarin for 6 months then came off it. I was then seen by the consultants at the RVI in Newcastle who decided that one of the biggest issues with clotting is age, combine that with PSD means at some point in your life you will have another clot weather that be in a year or in 10 years time. I've now been put on blood thinners for life. All your points are valid loosing weight helped improve my damaged legs, appropriate exercise has improved circulation, drinking less is always a good idea. However I was 22 when I had my clots and I will not let PSD cont
  5. You've put my mind to rest thank you. A few years ago I went to see a consultant at the RVI in Newcastle, she was going to write a case for me to go on it then to NICE as warfarin was making my hair fall out. The side effects slowly stopped so I wasn't changed. Sinthome is like warfarin and very toxic. I was at that point taking 16-18 mg warfarin, ATM I'm taking 8mg of sinthome which is the same as about 16-18mg warfarin. My dose changes every week and my INR is never stable going from 1-3 - 4.5 in a week. If I miss a does it drops radically. This drug may be the answer to controlling my INR.
  6. What a great price, it's so much easier to get decent cover at a reasonable price on these comparison website. I'm currently trying to convince my grandparents to use them. My nana has PSD and my grandad has other health issues, they are paying over £300 per holiday with company called insurer pink which is a cancer insurance but covers PSD. She was told to use is by a nurse, and until recently won't listen to sense!
  7. Oh well that was the only negative my GP mentioned. I've got my appointment 4th Augest so hopefully I'll be swapped over x
  8. Aw brillant I've been in sinthome 3 years and my IRN has never been stable so maybe I'll be put on it x
  9. Is there a reason for you changing then? Did you have to meet Any criteria? X
  10. Anyone taking rivaroxaban yet? I've been referred to the consultant and it looks like I may go on to this drug seen as people like us are now covered with it! My INR is totally uncontrolled and I currently take sinthrome, ATM I'm taking 7.5 which I believe is a high dose. Would love to hear if anyone is on this wonder drug? I have to admit not having an INR taken weekly is a very nice idea
  11. The best way to get travel insurance I've found is to go on the compare websites. They find you great deals. Make sure you check the fine print and I wouldn't recommended the cheapest, but then again weigh all the information up. I'm off to Mexico for two weeks and got my insurance for £45!
  12. My work place and that of my other family members have always bent over backwards to keep us. I think it's important when explaining to anyone to say it in a way which makes it sound as if its not a problem. Which it isn't. I've helped myself by testing my own inr, texting it to the ladies who manage me. I think if you show how well you manage it looks good on you rather than negatively. Good luck x
  13. Hello when I was pregnant my level was 16 it's now dropped to 14. Just has my son tested and his was 69 which is one off normal range 70+ so they are saying it indicates he hasn't got psd! As if your child inherit PSD there levels are normally around the same as yours if they have it. Noah was only one when I had him tested so it will be repeated when he's older if he wishes. X
  14. I'm on acenocumarol too! I took warfarin but it made all my hair fall out last time so when it was decided I would start blood thinners again this seemed to be the drug of choice. There is now discussion about me going on rivaroxaban as my inr jump about a lot! X
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