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  1. James - thanks for the response. I took Xarelto for the DVT episode. Anyone out there that has had a DVT and Protein S Deficiency that doesn't take blood thinner?
  2. Hi - been doing a bunch of internet searching asking docs etc over the past year, but really don't get any solid answers on the following lifestyle questions. Just wondering if anyone else had and info (opinion is fine, but would like to understand both opinion and medically/scientificially documented guidance on the following: FYI - otherwise healthy 35 year old male, DVT in left leg and asymptomatic PE in both lungs May 2013 (multiple test confirm PSD). Recently had superficial thrombophebitus in same leg (ankle - greater sapheous vein etc). 1. Only lifestyle guidance I have been given by medical professionals is don't become obese, smoke or become dehydrated. Top notch cardiologist advised take one baby asprin per day. Hematologist indicades that it was a good idea, but it is NOT supported by any medical research to date (i.e. no direct evidence that it will help prevent DVT). 2. Impact of diet - does a "clean" diet help prevent DVT? 3. Alcohol - assuming the normal range is fine (no more than 1 or 2 drinks - of std size). What about drinking too much - risk here other than dehydration. My thoughts tend to lean towards the liver is stressed and may not make the "already low" amount of Protein S etc? 4. Travel - Should I always get blood thinners when traveling greater than 4 hours by air? 5. Stress - Thoughts here? 6. D-dimer test - can I buy/administer these myself???? A lot of this ties into my recent clotting in superficial veins. Has been extremely painful, but feel like I dodged a bullet as it happened not too long after a 9+ hour flight. The long and short of this is I really don't want to have another DVT and/or PE. This runs in my family and my dad has extreme leg damage as well as a lifelong requirement to take blood thinner. If BT is required, so be it I will deal with it.... Thank for any feedback on the above! Jim
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