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  1. Hi James, I am the first in my family to be diagnosed with PSD My sister was tested and has the possibility but no symptoms yet. I am now switched from coumadin to Pradaxa for life. I have had 4 previous clots, 3 after taking coumadin so that is why I now have Pradaxa. I need to learn more about this condition and drug so that is why I am on this site. Anything you learn and can pass on will be greatly appreciated. Do you know if the University fof N C has any new info? Thanks, Lois Lynda
  2. Hello Mary, Thanks for your reply. Sounds like you are doing fine. I have had 4 blood clots since 2012 and started at the onset with coumadin for life but after my last one in May 2019 my doctor switched me to Pradaxa. It was discovered that I have Protein S Deficiency. I wear compression stockings and lead a most normal life (with a few bumps in the road). I just want to learn more about this condition because I want to live a long and happy life. Thanks and best wishes, Lois Lynda
  3. Thanks for your tips. Yes I am fortunate and my goal is to live to be 100 with a happy life! Lois Lynda
  4. Thanks for your reply. I also use my phone to remind me in the evening to take Pradaxa. I take it every A M when I wake up. My doctor recommended this med because you do not have to monitor Vit K intake. I am 77 and had my first clot (of 4) in 2011. My last one was this past May when my doctor switched me to Pradaxa. I live in the San Francisco Bay area and wanted to see a specialist for PSD but none seem to be located here. I read that N C had some . Do you know of any? I am worried about clots developing and traveling to the lungs where I had them before. I have bad varicose veins in my left leg, wear medical support stockings, and try to stay physically active to keep the blood moving. Would you please share any knowledge you may have or comments about treatments/techniques that have worked for you? Thanks so much. LLG
  5. Hello All, I am currently on a new medication to treat PSD calle Pradaxa. I would like to know if anyone else is on this medication and what their experiences have been with this new treatment. Also, I'd like to know if you have any advice. I would love to connect with others with PSD to share our experiences.
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