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  1. I know there is a very slight chance of having a DVT whilst taking daily injections of heparin, however, it is still a major worry. The leg I had a past DVT in, is beciming quite sore to stand on, the veins are dialated and some of them stick out. I wear a TED stocking 24 hours a day and try and put the leg up when sitting. The more I look at my leg, the more it concerns me, as I still have 13 weeks to go. I would be grateful of some reassurance of not having another DVT, whilst on heparin ......... Thanks Leo
  2. Has anyone else ever been diagnosed with Strep B? In the UK they do not screen for Strep B on a regular basis, unless you have had it before. I had it after my last delvery, but do not know if I had it during labour. I have heard of the seriousness this infection can cause to babies at the time of labour. So I want to make sure I don't have it again during labour, as I want to avoid as many complications as possible. 1 dead baby is enough! Leo
  3. Perhaps those lucky ladies out there who have already delivered your babies safely, can answer this question. Did you bleed a lot during labour as a direct result of the anti-colagulant drugs you were on? Or did you stop injections just before delivery? My consultant has suggested that I stop injections for one day before labour, as I will be induced. However, I know this is the dangerous time for clots. I have already had three clots as a result of pregnancy & labour. However, I had to have a small operation recently whilst continuing to take my daily heparin injections and barely bled at all. They did keep me in for 5 hours, longer than normal and bound my leg up real tight to stop bleeding. But even through the operation there was no significant blood loss. Any views welcome. Leo
  4. I too can't count fast enough. Since my initial email 13 weeks maximum to go! However, 3 months somehow sounds longer. My past DVT leg is playing up and is a cause for concern. The other leg looks normal in comparison! I am buying nothing, just in case! I dead baby is enough ..... Good luck Leo
  5. I know how you feel about giving the anticolagulants up. It's a love hate relationship. After my PE (pulmonary embolism) last July I was on Warfarin for 3 months. It was scary when the consultant said that's it 3 months is enough, after just listening to my breathing! I would think you would need to stay on them for a minimum of 2 months?? Are you still injecting now that your baby has made it safely into the world? Or are you on Warfarin etc.?? Leo
  6. Hi, Just checking if anyone is counting how long to go to delivery. I have now maximum 17 weeks to go! That is the positive side of going to a maximum 38 weeks! Who knows might be earlier. Can't wait until it's all over. I wish I could click my heels together and close my eyes and it would all be over - live & healthy baby and mother without clots! Just passed the half way mark when I was on holiday. Feels beeter to be counting down now. Anyone else in same position??
  7. Hi, Just wanted to wish you good luck with the arrival of your baby. Hope all went well!! I am passed the half way mark now, just over 17 weeks maximum to go. Ciao
  8. Thanks for that! I have finally come to terms with wearing my white stocking. Someone asked me at work last week why I was wearing the stocking and I told him straight - to help stop a DVT. I actually felt good about wearing it and not ashamed as I had at first. I suppose it is like everything, you get used to it. I call my stocking my injured ballerina stocking! I have thought of trying to dye a pair black to see if it would work! What is the difference with the knee-high compression stocking? TEDs cost around ?16 a pair. Artifical leg is a bit steep! As long as it does the trick and keep clots away, then it is worth wearing it! Luckily, where I live it is not too hot this summer. When I was on holiday it was getting quite unbearable with the heat wearing it. I have so many dilated veins and superficial looking varicose veins on the bad leg, the DVT leg, so hopefully the stoocking will help. After my last pregnancy and after some good weight loss, my leg almost looked 'normal'! Ciao
  9. Hi, My specialist explained that the most risky time for clots is just prior to labour, during labour and post partum. So I think you would need to continue taking some form of ant-colagulant drug for at least 8 weeks post partum, just to make sure. That is what I will be doing for at least 3 months, as I had three clots just after my last pregnancy. Ciao
  10. Does any other pregnant lady out there have to wear the beautiful TED stockings to help prevent DVTs? I have had to give in and wear them again, 24 hours a day! In the UK we are issued with white stockings. I really would like a different colour - flesh coloured or black. In addition, to feeling uncomfortable other people seeing them when out and about, I am not sure they really do help the circulation and prevent blood clots. But I suppose I will do anything to prevent another clot!!
  11. I totally understand your fear. It was an extremely big decision to try again after the death of my second daughter and all the health complications I incured. But we took our time before starting the conception process. Firstly, it was important for me to regain my strength and recover from my DVT and PE (pulmonary embolism). Then to try and sort my life out again whilst grieving for our loss. After Christmas we started trying, which was 6 months after Rebekah's death. It was a rollercoaster ride for 2-3 months whilst trying to conceive. I had so many mixed emotions about being pregnant again. When I didn't conceive at first I was both disappointed and relieved. Until finally at the third attempt, I thought my body was playing games as my whole cycle was becoming more and more irregular, ever since we started trying! When I did the test and it was positive I felt numb and probably was in denial for a few weeks. I had very little pregnancy symptoms - no sickness (unlike the last two pregnancies), no tenderness, just tiredness. But I have discovered one big thing about myself during this tragic year I have had; is that the fear of the unknown is far greater than when something actually happens. Otherwise how would you cope in horrific situations like finding out your baby has just died inside you and you still have to go through the process of labour. I am absolutely petrified that I will have another blood clot, which may be fatal. It sounds quite selfsih, but that is my biggest fear. Second to that fear is that something may happen to this baby. But I have to find inner strength to keep on going through the pregnancy. I count the passing weeks and I have now less than 21 weeks to go. Time is in fact going quickly. I work full-time to keep my mind focused on other things and I am seeing a counsellor to try and help me through my fears. Hope my life story helps you. Leo
  12. Thanks for all your points. When I asked my consultant about the risks of breast feeding whilst taking warfarin, he did think it best to continue the delightful Clexane shots. It is a decision I will have to make nearer the time. I know it is extremely difficult to regulate Warfarin. In the 3 months I took it last year, I think only one of my blood tests showed that I was at the right level. My INR at one point was over 6, and I had a scary bleed for 24 hours. I will just have to see how early I will have to be induced and the health of myself and my baby at that time. Cheers
  13. Hi, Does anyone know the dangers of taking warfarin postnatally and breastfeeding?? In my opinion, I think it is unsafe...... Ciao Leo
  14. Hi , I tried new territory under my breasts, upper abdomen. At first it was a bit stingy pushing the needle in. However, I have now had to give my thighs and upper tummy a rest as I was running out of space. So I have let my husband inject me on the flabby upper arms. But I see a few bruises appearing in the mirror. Need to change tactic. 21 weeks to go of injections!! Nearly half way. I also have very itchy patches where I have previously injected a few days later. I find the heat makes it worse, generally at night in bed. I am presuming it is yet another side effect of the injections. Keep on injecting!! Leo
  15. Dear Renee, I too have been diagnosed with Factor V Leiden and low protein. I am currently on Clexane a low dose of heparin to hopefully stop any blood clots. I also have to wear my beautiful TED stocking on my left leg 24 hours a day! Last year my second daughter was stillborn at 39+ weeks due to probably a placental abruption and a placental blood clot. As a consequence I had a DVT and a pumonary embolism a few weeks later. I am now past 17 weeks, third pregnancy and pretty scared. Some of the time I am quite calm and focused. I work full-time, which helps me focus on other issues apart from the fact I may die from a blood clot, which I know sounds quite selfish. So I am glad to be able to speak to someone in a similar position. I count each week as it passes, less than 21 weeks to go. At least this time it will be a shorter pregnancy - maximum 38 weeks! And my favourite time of day is 6pm GMT when I do my injection!! Hear from you soon. Ciao Leo
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