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  1. Hello everyone, it has been a while since I have posted. I have never heard that PSD and Pre-E went together and maybe they do or don't. That is something the doctors will have to tell you. As for the Pre-E showing up unannouced, I just had a friend last week deliver at 23 wks due to Pre-E and she did not have any warning signs, it just happened, just like that. My son was born 13 months ago and looking back, it was worth the 2 injections a day, the 100 doctors visits, worrying and worrying some more. I had two m/c and found out that I acquired PSD. I have no idea how I got it but I did. No one in my family has it and my older son was born with no problems at all. So, it just happens. With the level of PSD. My doctors told me that if I was close (before or after m/c) to being pregnant, my levels would not be true. I had to wait 1 month before he would test me and they tested me 4 different times, just to make sure. I hope this information helps and let us know if you have other questions. Tammy
  2. I am right there with you. I was tested three different times and everytime they came back and said guess what, other problem. It is much better to know what you are dealing with before pg then after. I had two m/c before they finally figured out that I have PSD, Protein C Def and lupus anti-cog. All of which are blood clotting factors. So, there is still hope!! I have a 6 mo old to prove it. See what the doctors have to say. My high risk was amazing and you would not believe how many people have these disorders and they are more than willing to help through pregnancy!! Try to stay positive and feel free to vent!!! We all did and still do on a daily basis. Taking all the shots, pills, etc. was tough but I made it and you can you! Keep your chin up.
  3. I have shocked that your doctor has not insisted on shots or even baby aspirin. As far as I know (I just had a baby after 2 m/c (8 wks and 19wks)) there is nothing you can do to prevent the m/c besides the baby aspirin and shots. Nothing you eat will help. My high risk doctor did say 1) never get dehydrated, that can cause a clot; 2) never smoke or drink; 3) try and exercise as much as possible until you can't (at least walk if possible); 4) eat a healthy diet. I did all of these things plus took baby aspirin (1x daily), folic acid (1x daily), calcium (600 mg 1x daily); prenatal vitamins and heparin/lovenox (2x daily). If there are worries, call the doctor and if she does have PSD, see if the doctor wants her to see a hemotologists. You can never be to safe or ask too many questions. It is your child!!! Best of luck to both of you.
  4. I'm sure you have an answer to your question but I wanted to let you know that I too called the insurance before we started trying to make sure they would cover heparin/lovenox. I am in the US and they said as long as the doctor called ahead of time, before I tried to get it filled from the pharmacy, that they would cover it. And, in the US, they deliver to your house each month. It was wonderful and when it was almost time to get more, they would call me and say "it's time to refill." I ended up paying, maybe, $5.00 a month. Everything was covered and I do not have the best insurance there is. Just normal insurance. Your doctors office should deal with this a lot, especially if you are going to a specialist and I would talk to the nurse or insurance person there and see what they can do for you. Best of luck!
  5. Hello, I posted on a different matter re: aspirin and heparin but I will let you know too that I had to take both for 9 months. Actually, because I was on fertility pills, I had to start the treatments before I was pregnant. Both my high risk OB and my regular OB agreed with the 81mg of baby aspirin and the heperin/lovenox twice a day for almost 12 months. I had a healthy baby boy on 9/11/04. Good luck and I hope to see good results soon.
  6. Hello - I was almost 6 months pg when I finally started to gain weight. The high risk OB and my regular OB were not concerned at all. So, i think if you keep gaining weight, a little at a time, there is nothing to worry about!! Best of luck!
  7. Hello all. I have not posted in quite a while. I have a healthly 6 month old after having two m/c and being diagnosed with PSD. Yes, baby aspirin and heparin are what my high risk and regular OB said I had to be on. I took 81mg of baby aspirin and 2 shots a day for 9 months!! They tried just aspirin during my second m/c but did not work. That is why they put me on shots. No pills available as of yet. The shots are worth it in the long run. Best of luck.
  8. Jennifer - Did you have your u/s today? Is everything ok?
  9. I was diagnosed by my OB due to miscarriages. He told me that if I have to have any surgeries to be sure the doctor is well informed about PSD and that you wear stockings during and after surgery along with these pads that pumps up and down to circulate the blood until you are able to get up and walk around. I had to have all of that during and after the birth of my son. It might be a good idea to go to the specialist.
  10. My son measured small but in the end, he measured average - 50%. At birth, he was very small and wasn't on any of the charts they use. That was ok - he is fine. I will keep you in my thoughts and hopefully, the 9th will come very quickly for you. Let us know.
  11. Congrats on being pg!!! I agree - get to the doctor asap so that they can switch you to heparin or lovenox. I have heard that you can have blood in your urine in early pg. My neighbor is 5 wks also and she had blood too. About the BP, let us know what the doctor says.
  12. I too have had two m/c before finding out that I had PSD. I delivered a healthy boy 6 weeks ago today. Thanks for all the help of my high risk doctor and my regular OB. Lots of doctors visits, lots of shots, medicine, etc. but it was worth it. Don't be surprised if the doctor puts you on blood thinners (shots) or they may want to try baby aspirin first. I tried that with my second m/c. That is when they did the tests and found out baby aspirin wasn't enough. Best of luck to you. Let us know what the doctor says. Tammy
  13. I think you should ask all the questions you want and if you can, see a high risk ob that specializes in PSD. The one I found sent me to a hematologists they she liked and worked with a lot. Then she told me everything there is to know about PSD (plus a lot of stuff I learned here). I leave in St. Louis and there are only 10 doctors that specialize in high risk OBs. It is really hard to find that special doctor!! My history: I have had a mc at 9 wks and at 18 wks. I have never had any DVTs and my family has no history of them. I was taking aspirin with my last mc and my doctor had my blood tested and that is when I found out about my PSD. I just had a baby 2 1/2 weeks ago thanks to both my regular OB and my high risk OB. I was on injections twice a day the entire pregnancy and went to the doctor a lot. But, it was all worth it. So, yes, I do think you can carry a baby with the right help. Keep us updated and good luck on the blood tests.
  14. I had my last injection 24 hours prior to being induced so, 48 hours before I delivered. In the US the test your blood to check the level of blood thinners before they will give you the epidural (sp?). Mine was great so I got the epidural at 6:00 a.m. at only 2.5 cm dialated.
  15. Strep B is a vaginal infection. I carried it with my first but did not have it this time. Since I had it the first time, my doctor gave me the antibody just to be safe.
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