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  1. Hey Rachel, Thanks for your reply! I'm freaking out a little about this money issue!! I have an appointment with the ob tomorrow. I hope we can work something out. Ya it has been a really long time huh? Gwenny is already 3 1/2 yrs and my little one is 1....this one is a big surprise!!! Hy hubby just had a vasectomy 2 weeks ago to make sure this wouldn't happen!!! O well, whats meant to be will be, right? When I was on lovenox before I took it once a day, I'm going to look into how much the fragmin and clexane would cost. Did you start on thinners the day you thought you were pregnant or at 15 weeks? Julie
  2. Hey just was wondering what the difference is from lovenox, clexane and fragmin? I am 5 weeks and can not afford the lovenox shots wich i also took with my two prior pergnancies! I am hoping to find something cheaper and still affective...does anyone know if you can take heprin through you whole pregnancy? that is soooo much cheaper!!! Thanks julie.
  3. Thanks Zarin, I am located in Washington state. I do not have any type of diabetes, the reason they are testing for cancer is because I have a mass growing on my pancreas, my pancreas is functioning fine, it's all very weird to me Thanks for the advice though I'll look into it. Juwels
  4. Hey everyone, I am in the process of finding out wether or not I have pancreatic cancer, I've done a CT scan, MRI, taken the appropriate blood tests and now am waiting on a PET scan....anyway while researching this I read on the American Cancer Society web site that one of the first signs of pancreatic cancer is blood clots in larger veins. What! Has anyone heard of this or anything related to blood clotting and the pancreas? Happy Holidays, thanks in advance if anyone has any info! Juwels.
  5. Hi Emmwalid, I was diagnosed with a dvt in 2004 and pregnant in 2005, I was put on lovenox the day I found out I was pregnant (at 5 weeks). I switched to heprin somewhere around 36 weeks, I find it odd that they would not put you on thinners earlier , considering your history with clotting...most people who have had more than one episode of clotting are put on thinners for the rest of their lives, let alone being pregnant wich is known to increase the risk of clotting. I would research this a little bit more and talk to a hematologist that has plenty expierience in dealing with this type of disorder in pregnant women Good luck, as you've read there are many positive outcomes regarding being pregnant while on thinners, and everyones doctor seems to do it a little bit differentley. Juwels
  6. Hello Katybops, They switch you to regular heprin at the end of your pregnancy becuase heprin goes through your system faster than lovenox...when I was on lovenox I was told that it stayed in my system for 24 hrs. therefore I took one shot a day, at the end of my pregnancy I switched to heprin twice a day because it only stayed in my system for 12 hrs. at a time. That way if you go into labor you can skip your next shot and there will be less lilkely chance of hemoraging at time of delivery. It sounds like they are doing the same thing with you as they did me....my pregnancy was overseen by a wonderful high risk ob by the name of Dr. Dashow located in Tacoma Washington, that is about 20 or 30 min from Seattle. You have to have a refferal to his office by a obgyn to get in. It is definatly worth it though because he has delivered hundreds and hundreds of babies whose mothers have variouse boodclotting disorders....he is very expieienced! My main doctor was in my home town but I went to see Dashow once a month for ultrasounds and my rx for blood thinneres. If you have anymore ?'s E mail me! Juwels.
  7. Hey katybops! I think we were talking to eachother on our last pregnancies? Welcome back! I also live in Washington, Olympia to be exact....how do you like our very wet and beautiful state? Regarding the lovenox and heprin, I also was under the watch of a high risk ob in Tacoma while pregnant. They started me on lovenox and I took that untill 32 or 34 weeks, then switched to heprin two times a day. I skipped my shot when I went into labor and started up lovenox 24hrs after delivery for 6 weeks. Now I'm on a baby asprin a day, with a very healthy baby girl Anyway welcome to Washington....what brought you here? Juwels.
  8. faith23, As you can see there are many of us who have gone through simular situations and have been told the same things about what is standard protocall. I had a dvt in 2004, on thinners for 6 months, pregnant one month later and on lmwh and heprin for my pregnancy. Now I am on nothing and I am completley healthy as well is my little baby girl Gwen. I think your hemo has it all togrther! Julie.
  9. Hey ladies, Sorry it took so long to update you on my induction worries my computer has been down! I finally worked up the nerve to get pushy with my ob and told him I wasn't willing to be induced for no reason other than convenience and he was like, oh well you don't have to it's always up to the mother wether she will go spontaniously or not. He said even if it was medically necessary the decision was stil mine and mine alone!!! Yeah! I told him of course I would be induced if my baby or I were in danger but just because is not acceptable. Thanks for the advice ladies and hope your toes feel better! Julie.
  10. Thank you for your replies, I have an appt. with my ob on the 29th. Now my ? is...is fragmin the same as lovenox? I'm on lovenox wich is a lmwh, but do I need to be taking a different injection in order to go into spontaneouse labor? I am assuming the reasoning is so the pateint will not hemmorage during or after labor? Thanks agian!
  11. My hematologist told me to keep eating everything as normal...in moderation that is. He said he would adjust my warfarin levels as needed. He didn't even mind if I had a beer or two on special ocasions. Never have too many drinks or drink a beer or two on a daily or even weekly basis. I still ate atleast 4-5 salads a week and everything was fine.
  12. Please help me! My doctors want to induce me at 38 weeks also but my worst fear is c-section. I've been doing my research on induction and c-section and have found that the risks of induction is c-section because if your uterus overworks itself without stopping it deprives the baby of oxygen, therefore putting it into distress, wich will most likley lead to a emergency cesarean. Also I read that mothers undergoing induction almost doubles the risk of cesarean. The research I did on risks of cesarean isn't pretty either... they include post-birth complications such as: infection, hemorrage, thrombosis, and pumonary embolism. Somebody please tell me why doctors would put a person who is already at risk of forming blood clots, and hemorraging through something that could potentially cause this same problem!?!?! I should note that I'm 25 weeks pregnant, on 40mg/day lovenox, moving up to 60mg/day at 28 weeks, then at 36 weeks going to two shots a day of something that doesn't stay in your system as long. Please help to support my objections or help to ease my fears....are these fears even legidamate, or am I just an emotional pregnant lady? Juwels.
  13. I have read that a "thrombo-panel" costs around $700 in the U.S. this test includes many tests for variouse clotting disorders, including psd and pcd also factor V.
  14. Dear Kristy, First of all congrats on your brand new baby girl! And welcome. I have to say that you have been through quite a bit as have other members of this site. A lot of people here have had multiple clots in variouse places of their bodies and to this day are living very healthy lives... I would strongly urge you to take your medicine as the doctor tells you, if you do you will have a more "normal" life than what you have been going through! It is very unlikley to clot while on thinners. As for clotting after your pregnancy maybe your perscription was too lite I'm not sure what to say about that...I am not an expert by any means, in fact pretty much all I've learned is from this site. I just feel for you and hope everything works out for the best for you. Take care of yourself, remember your health is in your hands too not just the doctors, your decisions are ultimatley what matters. Do what is best for you and your family as well as your health Julie
  15. Monica, We are so sorry to hear about your loss... I'm happy you found this site too, it has helped so many people. Welcome and be strong. Take Care, Julie.
  16. I have the same ?... I just got a gift certificate for one for my B-day!
  17. Orange, thank you soooooo much! Especaially for the diagram Julie.
  18. Hi everyone! I'm so afraid to inject on my thighs or my side! I will probably have to do that sooner or later considering I still have over 30 weeks to inject! I've noticed that my left side of my stomach bruises and my right does'nt have any...I switch back and forth everyday. Also last night I injected on my left and when I pulled the needle out I bled a lot! I didn't do anything different and made sure to inject the air bubble last. Has that happened to anyone else? I'm glad I have someone to relate to about shots! Thanks everyone Julie. ps Jay will not even look at a needle let alone give me my injection! I wonder how he will do when I give birth?
  19. Hi, just a little note concerning wearing stockings in the warmer climates. I found my self to over heat in the summer because I would wear closed toed shoes due to my stalkings, but have recentley found out you can buy them opened toed! That way I'll be able to wear sandles and flip flops, YEAH I am looking forward to being more compfortable this summer. Julie
  20. Hi Ladies, I'm not positive but I am pretty sure I've read something about pregnancy effecting the results of your protien s results...Maybe it would be wise to get re-tested also making sure you are not on warfarin or coumadin hence that effects the results also. I'm not sure if you have already done that, and also I know that it is super neve racking to go off thinners for a while just to get re-tested! Good luck anyway Take Care, Julie.
  21. I'm assuming that if you are taking any medication to "thin your blood" you should be very careful about big bumps that you may suffer. My hemo told me I was no longer allowed to play any contact sports or go snowboarding and mountain biking while I was on the warfarin. He said if I get hit too hard it could cause a hemmorage... The longer you are on the meds the more you will understand your limits, after all I look at it as a personal choice of what I feel compfortalble doing but remind myself not to go too crazy! Alex, also remind your doc that being tested for variouse blood clotting disorders (thrombo panel) while on coumadin/warfarin does affect the test results. I thought I had psd and pcd for a while until I got off the meds and re-tested. Now I have found out I only have Activated protien c resist. (factor V Lieden). Take Care Julie.
  22. Hello If you go to the Frequently asked ?'s forum and go to the subject started by James called Long term consequences of DVT you should find the answer to your ?'s. Hope this site helps you... Julie
  23. Hello I have gotten my results back and it seems to me that I do not have protein s or protein c deficiencies!!! I did however test positive for factor V lieden wich is pretty common. Thanks to this site I learned that since I was tested while on warfarin my results were unlikley. Tammy you said you had FVL, do you know what your level was? Mine was 1.8 and normal is between a 2 and 4. I'm wondering if people can have it worse...for example if my level was .8 would I be more likley to clot than at a 1.8 or is it just if you have it, you have it?? Just wondering. I will most likley still be using this site and writing to everyone hence FVL and protein s cause the body to do the same thing...clot. I will especially be writting when I finally get pregnant! See ya! Julie ps I have decided not to take the warfarin anymore unless I clot again, also I will never take the bcp again and I will do the lmwh while preganant.
  24. Hello everyone! Wow Launa! I am so suprised that your doc doesn't think you should be on treatment for the rest of your life!!! My hemo wants me to be on treatment (warfarin) for the rest of my life because I have had only one dvt and have tested positive for one blood clotting disorder. I'm not going to take the anticoagulants because I hate the side effects although they seem to even out over a course of time. I will take the warfarin for the rest of my life if I clot again and I will take the lmwh while pregnant, but I just don't want to take warfarin if it's not necessary. I want to see how things go with me now that I am off the bcp and I take an aspirin a day. I know some people may think that is stupid but I feel that I am making the right choice...we will see what my hemo says about this at my next appt. take care everyone! julie.
  25. Hi Grace, I just got off the warfarin on January 3rd , but I have to admit I am very nervouse too!! hippychick is right that being on the meds is a security blanket, but I just had to get off and get retested to make sure I wasn't taking the meds for the rest of my life for no reason. I had a dvt in June and tested pos. for psd, pcd and factor V leiden. Since being a part of this web site I have learned that the warfarin affects the results of the thrombo panel blood tests, so I think that I may only have factor V since my s and c levels were not very low. Either way I'm happy I'm getting retested so I know. Any way I'll post my results when I know them, but that will be a while. Julie. ps my leg is very sore and I've been having mild chest pain but I think that is from nerves. I have a "check up" on Feb 9th. Wish me luck!
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