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  1. I now have a 3 1/2 yr old girl. Just thought I'd share that what seemed impossible then is a reality today.
  2. I just got an IUD that has no hormones. I'm on my second menstration since I had it put in and haven't experienced heavier bleeding, but my first period post partum lasted 12days. I haven't had cramping for either period. I am pleased with it so far except that thinking about it being in there makes me queazy when I'm not usually like that at all. I'll be happy when it gets removed and I am trying to conceive again. I would however do it again after a next child.
  3. Most recently I was not on lovenox when I went into labor and I hemorrhaged after birth. My daughter( now 3) came early and an induction was planned (she had other ideas) and I did not hemmorrhage. My doctors this time did not recommend induction unless the pregnancy went over 40wks. I ended up being induced with this one anyways because I thought I was in labor and went to the hosp. to learn that my baby had died during the night. I went to the hospital with contractions but was induced to get the whole thing going full speed since my baby had died. My daughter's birth was different. I think the Dr. wanted to give me pitocin regardless so she wouldn't miss supper. (We didn't use that group of physicians ever again) I haven't had one birth go the way I would have liked, but I have one beautiful girl (which makes my dr's behavoir forgivable). I guess what I'm saying is that the recommendations for managing pregnancies in women like us is always changing. It makes it hard to know what to do, especially when you hear so many different stories. Seems to me like the dr's know about as much about birthing as we do, there's a great deal to be said about going with your instincts. Next time, while I would love a home birth I understand the scary feeling that I might die from bleeding. I wouldn't want that to happen at home. Our children need us. So we do what we can and hope for the best, for life to find its way. It seems there is no silver bullet here.
  4. Most recently I experienced pregnancy loss at 37wks. During this pregnancy the dr's prescripted me lovenox then told me that nowdays it is not recommended in the management of pregnancies in women who have PSD and no history of blood clots. Since I took lovenox during my previous pregnancy and it resulted in the birth of my little girl(who is is 3 1/2 now) they decided to prescribe it to me. Now the stillbirth was a result of placental abruption, nothing to do with PSD according to the Dr's. I didn't however take my lovenox every day. I'm not blaming myself for the loss, but all this information put together leaves me wondering what to do when we start trying to conceive again. This next time will be the first planned pregnancy, since we can I want to do this the "right" way. I want to get blood levels checked prior to pregnancy, I want to be ready physically. I've never even had my S levels tested outside of pregnancy as I live in the US and haven't been able to afford healthcare until now. Where do I start? What do I do?
  5. A lot of those questions would be good for your Hematologist or Obstretrician/Gynocologist. We can offer a lot of advice but it's purely anecdotal. I do suggest testing your PSD levels to see where you stand and as far as pregnancy it seems that the best chances for a successful pregnancy are when it is planned andd you can take necessary precautions such as Aspirin therapy or injectable therapy like the one you mentioned. Here a lot of us are on Lovenox or even Coumadin. I recommend reading through the experiences of others, glean what you can and use it as a springboard for informed dialog with your Doctors. I have never heard anything about PDS causing infertility, what I do know is that it impairs the bodies clotting process and causes the blood t o clot inappropriately which is a problem if the blood supply is cut off to the baby. Your ability to become pregnant I don't think is affected at all. As far as flying, it's a matter of being sedentary for a long period of time. Any time you slow down circulation you are at higher risk for a clot so a lot of us are recommended to take aspirin before going on a long flight, I'm talking about 8hr or longer flights here, even then it's not like you are stuck in one position the entire trip. There is a general concern that pregnant women might have about flying because the radiation is higher in higher altitudes, makes sense since you're closer to the source but it seems that the worry or risk there is not founded in science. http://www.hps.org/publicinformation/ate/f...yandflying.html that site talks about radiation safety if your curious http://travel.timesonline.co.uk/tol/life_a...ticle719612.ece this site has an article about flying and DVT's(blood clotts) Well I hope that helps, all in all you need to talk to you r Dr, we may be able to offer anecdotal advice about what we've experienced but only you and your Dr can decide what's best for you, especially since I don't know anything about WPW Syndrome or your symptomatic chest pains.
  6. I got an answer from my OB about the Lovenox and the epi...my OB wants to have me off of the Lovenox for 3 days prior to delivery so that I can get intra spinal meds if I need to and to reduce the risk of hemorrhage after the birth. So there's one story.
  7. I don't have Factor V, but I do have PSD and I haven't ever had a blood clot, but I have had reoccurant miscarriages. If I were you I would be worried too, although for this pregnancy I didn't know I was pregnant until I was 6 weeks and didn't start aspirin therapy until 9 weeks and then didn't start Lovenox until 13weeks and so far so good. have you vocalized your concerns with your OB or your hematologist? Most Doctors will tell you that this early on in the pregnancy they will consider the risk for you over the risk of the baby no matter how you feel about it. If you look through this forum site you will see that Doctors handle pregnancies and clotting disorders in all sorts of ways, it is important to have a Dr that you like and that you can voice your concerns to. The important thing is to have the best possible care for you and for your baby by a Dr who earns your confidence. I can't say that you should or shouldn't be on blood thinners at this point, that's only something the Dr and you can figure out, but you should ask until you get your answer and understand the reasoning behind not putting you on them. Find out if they ever plan on putting you on them? Ask them bluntly if it is going to take a miscarriage before they take this more seriously, if you feel that they aren't. It is your body, your baby, sometimes you have to assert your control over that. Good luck to you! Remember through all of this that no matter what happens you are doing the best you can, it shows simply by you reaching out to others for advice. It's obvious you care! I encourage you to look around the site and read others experiences, that may help encourage! I hope this helped! ~L
  8. Unfortunately many women not just those with clotting disorders experience abortions in the 1st trimester. It's not a reality that you are prepared for. As for myself I have experience three abortion in the 1st trimester. After the 2nd I was tested and diagnosed with PSD. If you read around on this site you will see that many many women have gone on to have healthy babies. Some women have a healthy baby, then miscarriage and then have another healthy baby. As your doctor might have told you there are so many reasons why abortions happen, it really is amazing that we get pregnant at all as it is such a complicated work in our bodies. Your abortion may have everything or nothing to do with your PSD. After my 1st miscarriage I know none of this information would have made me feel better. There are so many emotions. Take heart in the many women on this forum who understand. Don't hesitate to talk about your emotions, try to take hope in the success stories found here as well. After my third miscarriage I gave up on children, I didn't think I could bear the loss again. Today I find myself 15wks pregnant and things are good so far. I started Lovenox at 12wks and am taking aspirin daily. I would be lying if I said I wasn't scared but I do find hope in the successes of others. It is absolutely possible that you may have a successful pregnancy someday. Take your time processing what your feeling now and proceed newly informed. For me I wish I had known of the possibility of a miscarriage. It didn't cross my mind and when it happened I was devastated. After it happened I heard from friends about their experiences with miscarriage and came to find that 50% of healthy women have them, sometimes you might not even know b/c they were so early termed. None of that helped ease my pain, but it did leave me more knowledgeable and able to make better informed choices for my reproductive health later down the line. I hope this helped. Lorrie
  9. I am surprised that it seems I have never answered to this question. I am 25 and I was diagnosed with PSD at age 21. I have never had a blood clot. I was diagnosed after a second miscarriage. My OB/GYN decided to run a battery of blood tests to see if she could figure out a reason for the m/c. At the time I knew my father had DVT's and was on Coumadin, but I didn't know exactly what he had. I think this family history encouraged the blood testing. After being diagnosed with low levels of PS I talked to my dad about what exactly he had, he has both PSD and PCD. After two years of begging my brother to get checked he was tested and diagnosed with PSD and PCD. My mother has no history of clotting problems. For me the disorder has had the biggest impact on my ability to bear children. It was recently that my husband and I had decided to call it quits in that department and to our surprise I am pregnant and doing ok at 12wks. I am not on any type of therapy routinely. I do take aspirin daily before any long flights or risky activities just in case my clumsy self breaks something hiking Recently I have been on aspirin daily b/c of the pregnancy and I expect that after Tuesday I will start LMWH injections. The thing about the M/C's is that it isn't known that the PSD is what caused them, it could be completely unrelated.
  10. I have always taken a Woman's Multi- V and it is just a generic store brand which doesn't contain Vitamin K. Is it more difficult than I think to find a Multi-V without the K? I think that the Clotamin is a great product but I'm guessing it costs more than my generic brand.
  11. BlkBrd82

    New here...

    I'm glad you found this site. It has helped me tremendously over the years as there is a wealth of information as well as personal stories. So many people have gone through similar situations and it's sometimes just nice to know that. For me this site helped me to realize the questions that I wanted to ask my Doctors. There is a lot of information about PSD and pregnancy in the pregnancy section as well. I would browse the site and read as much as you can stand. Did you hear back from the hematologist? I hope things are going well for you.
  12. I found conflicting data when searching the internet for answers. One site was general information regarding epidurals and it said that you cannot have one if you are on blood thinners. Now, another site explained that Heparin and LMWH are not true blood thinners in that they do not break up clots that are already present so you can be on those and have an epidural. I'll post what my doctor has to say about all this when I find out.
  13. RSZB is right when she said "No-one knows the pain of losing a child and most will say all the wrong things (or nothing at all), remember that they are trying to say the right thing, (this is the only way i got through it)" I wish I would have thought that way through my first m/cs. As far as being frightened of not having a successful pregnancy and wanting an answer for why your losses....well, I was in your same place and I understand exactly where you are coming from. I'm pretty sure many other women in this forum understand as well. I took heart in the fact that there are so many women with PSD, other types of clotting factors as well as other fertility hurdles who have gone on to have several healthy children. They gave me hope when no one else could. I also wanted to know why the m/cs were happening and the best my OB and hematologists could do was hypothesize that the PSD was causing clotting of the placenta. All of my m/cs were very early. My Dr's also said there might not be related to the PSD at all. To this day I still have no idea why. I am currently 7 weeks pregnant and have had some spotting so I'm not on aspirin or LMWH yet, but I hope to be on LMWH soon. I have hope. I think you might have hope again too. (Even though I know the pain of losing a child I still don't know the right things to say.)
  14. After reading a few posts I can see there may be an issue with LMWH therapy and having an epidural? I'd really appreciate any info on the subject!
  15. I was diagnosed with Protein S Deficiency after my 2nd miscarriage. Since then I have had one other m/c and I'm currently about 7 weeks pregnant. I have no history of DVT's and was unaware until my OB decided to run her battery of blood tests that I had the deficiency. Our plan from then on was for me to go on Lovenox during the pregnancy. I was also told that the m/c may have nothing to do with my m/c. It is so hard to tell as half of pregnancies end in m/c. During my third pregnancy I took baby aspirin and vitamin E daily, I never got far enough along to go on the Lovenox. As for this pregnancy so far so good. I have had spotting so my OB didn't want to put me on Lovenox yet because "at 6wks my life is at greater risk that the fetus"-that's what the emergency room Dr. said. I suggest a firm plan to be set up with your OB. Talk about the potential risks of going on something like Lovenox even though you have no history of m/c or DVT's. I think a good Dr would respond to your fears of a m/c. I found that my OB knew the most about my deficiency than did my hematologists or general practitioners. It is possible that your Dr's may not be up to snuff on the subject either. There is a lot of good information here and plenty of experience to benefit from.
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