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LMWH then 'real' Heparin... questions

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Hello Katybops,

They switch you to regular heprin at the end of your pregnancy becuase heprin goes through your system faster than lovenox...when I was on lovenox I was told that it stayed in my system for 24 hrs. therefore I took one shot a day, at the end of my pregnancy I switched to heprin twice a day because it only stayed in my system for 12 hrs. at a time. That way if you go into labor you can skip your next shot and there will be less lilkely chance of hemoraging at time of delivery. It sounds like they are doing the same thing with you as they did me....my pregnancy was overseen by a wonderful high risk ob by the name of Dr. Dashow located in Tacoma Washington, that is about 20 or 30 min from Seattle. You have to have a refferal to his office by a obgyn to get in. It is definatly worth it though because he has delivered hundreds and hundreds of babies whose mothers have variouse boodclotting disorders....he is very expieienced! :)

My main doctor was in my home town but I went to see Dashow once a month for ultrasounds and my rx for blood thinneres. If you have anymore ?'s E mail me! B)


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