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Clots and Pancreatic Cancer

Juwels Morrison

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Hey everyone,

I am in the process of finding out wether or not I have pancreatic cancer, I've done a CT scan, MRI, taken the appropriate blood tests and now am waiting on a PET scan....anyway while researching this I read on the American Cancer Society web site that one of the first signs of pancreatic cancer is blood clots in larger veins. :) What! Has anyone heard of this or anything related to blood clotting and the pancreas?

Happy Holidays, thanks in advance if anyone has any info!


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I dont know where you are located, in our part of the world we get a graded dosage of Magnesium. 130 mg of magnesium daily will jumpstart your pancreas. I have a friend in the USofA who has a daughter born with Type I diabeties. She is now 99% independant of her insulin shots. There was a study done on the subject, unfortunately I do not have the details any longer as it was a while back. Try the magnesium.

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Thanks Zarin,

I am located in Washington state. I do not have any type of diabetes, the reason they are testing for cancer is because I have a mass growing on my pancreas, my pancreas is functioning fine, it's all very weird to me :)

Thanks for the advice though I'll look into it.


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