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Flying to New York

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I am going to New York in July, the flight is about 8 hours. I was just wondering whether this is considered a long flight and whether it's worth me trying to track down my haematologist. Would the drs just recommend aspirin or is is considered a long enough flight to be given heparin?

Obviously I know all about walking around and stuff on the plane and I have compression stockings to wear, just wondering about medication as obviously it will affect my insurance. (Seeing as I haven't had any medication or treatment in the last 5 years or so most insurance companies don't see me as that much of a risk I don't think but obviously if I had to medicate for the trip I'd have to tell them and they'd probably want loads of extra money for my policy!)

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I am on warfarin and have been advised that for flights under four hours I do not need to change my usual anticoagulant therapy but for flights longer than four hours I should have injections of low molecular weight heparin instead. I think you should speak to your haematologist to find out what they would recommend for you. I always get my blood tested prior to flying and ask my doctor for his approval.

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Listen to James, it would be better to take a LMWHeparin injection an hour before your flight, just to be on the safe side.

James, if you are on Wafarin Sodium why do you still need LMWH shots for flying? I know people who just ensure that their INR is within the proper range before they fly.

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Guest denism

Hello Zarin and Angela

I came off warfarin after 6 months in Sep 05. I was told that I had a one-off DVT and that there was nothing genetic or intrinsic behind the incident. However, my haematology specialist recommended that as a precaution I should self-inject subcutaneously low dosage heparin for flights of over 4 hrs.

I was interested in Zarin's reference to injencting one hour before the flight. However, because of airport security problems, I do not like taking the syringe airside and, therefore, inject some 2 to 3 hrs before the flight. My understanding is that the injection lasts for 24 hrs and thus my timing should not impact on this.

I should welcome any observations you or others may have.

For Angela.......how did you get on? I've done many 5 hrs flights since but I'm off on my first 9.5 hrs to Miami soon...... I am a bit apprehensive.

Best Regards


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I have flown for long flights with my needles and always took the injection an hour or two before the flight, and had the injections in a hardcased makeup case in the cabin of the airplane with me. I had a note from my doctor and informed the cabincrew and security people that I had them with me.

Once I forgot to inform one security checker and he pulled me aside and asked what it was I had in my bag....oppps. So make sure you inform everyone that you have them. :)

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