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Guest avanbalen


My name is Amanda and I have been just diagnosed with a proten S defficiancy in Pregnancy. My level was at 23% while I was pregnant with my third baby and after I lost him they retested it a week later and it was back up to 93%. My hemotologist is sure this is why I have been loosing all my babies (I have lost 3 two died in utero). My perinatologist is not so sure this is the cause but hasn't offered me any other explaination. I have been given the ok to try again. My perinatologist put me on baby asprin now and when I get pregnant and they are abl;e to see a strong beating heart on ultrasound I will start heprin injections. Has anybody else had this happened and then go on to have a normal pregnancy. I am so scared to loose another baby. I lost my first at 20wks, my second at 16 wks, and my third on April 3, 2007 at 18.5wks.

Please let me know what you all think.


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Hi, Amanda. Sorry to hear about your losses. My husband and I are on our 19th month of trying to have a child. I've miscarried twice at 6 weeks. Even though my cycles appear to look fine (every 28 days) I think I have other fertility issues as well and have been going to a Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor. (An RE told me I had "unexplained infertility.") Since finding out on April 5 about my PSD, I've been taking 400IU of vitamin E, 2 g of fish oil, and 5mg of folic acid for circulation. I also take 200mg of vitamin B6. My TCM doctor gives me herbs as well for the blood clotting (angelica root). So, that's what I'm doing -- all natural. I've yet to have a successful pregnancy, but we'll see, it's only been less than two months since I started on all this.

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Hi Amanda,

I'm so sorry to for losses! You sound like an incredibly strong person to have prevailed after so many heart breaks, especially the last one only a month ago! My heart goes out to you.

I unfortunately lost my first baby last May at 37 wks. Her name was Umi. Yes, I went full-term with no other complications. At 36w, she appeared to be very small--only 20th percentile--and she past away sometime over the following week before I had a chance to have my weekly ultrasound. My husband and I suffered a great deal mourning her last summer.

I had no history of PSD, but when the hospital tested me just after loosing Umi, my PSD levels were extremely low (I forget the #). Since that was the only abnormality they found, they attributed the loss to Pregnancy induced PSD.

I was lucky and got pregnant quicky afterwards. While I didn't get tested between pregnancies, my PSD level early in my 1T was 36, which is boarderline. I'm now seeing a perinatologist that has treated this condition with success. He put me on daily Lovenox injections at 10 weeks, baby asprin and Calcium (+ iron and prenatal vits). I'm now 26 wks, and so far, so good. We have anxieties about loosing this one too, but feel we're getting the best medical care possible.

There so many similar stories on this forum, and the women I share with here have given me the strength and knowledge to move forward. There have been many success stories among them, and I hold on to their blessings with the hope that I will have the same fortune soon.

I wish you all the best with your treatment and next pregnancy. Seeking knowledge and positive support is a great beginning to having a healthy baby. Let me know if you have any other questions or just want to chat offline.



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I am so sorry to hear of your loss.

My name is Remi, 2 weeks overdue and 23 hours of labour, my baby boy Cylus was born at 12.36am 23 may 2005, he passed away at 10.30 the same morning, that day i was diagnosed with protein s deficiency. 6 months later i was pregnant again, i wasnt put on any medication to manage my protein s deficiency (although i wore those stockings 24/7) on 06.07.06 i successfully had an elective ceasarian to give birth to my baby boy Declan (13 months).

I hope you have the same luck with your future children as i did with Declan.

i hope you are coping well


No-one knows the pain of losing a child and most will say all the wrong things (or nothing at all), remember that they are trying to say the right thing, (this is the only way i got through it)

lost baby Cylus William 23 may 2005

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Guest alyssakillebrew

Hello Dear,

So sorry to hear of all your pain. I have also just been diagnosed with PSD due to a DVT in my arm and collar bone. I have been so scared but hopeful of a miracle. I had a near death experience. I am now trying to have a baby. There are not many doctors who know alot about this disorder in Mississippi so I am going to have to search out for some help in this area.

I hope that you have some luck. I will pray for you!

Alyssa :D

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Hi Amanda, and everyone,

I am so sorry about your losses. Ihad a healthy twin pregnancy (before knowing about my psd) but lost my son at 36 weeks from a complete abrupton which is now thought to be from a clot from psd. An OB told me that your PSD levels can vary with each pregnancy which may be why my first was uncomplicated. My heart goes out to you. I wish you luck.

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RSZB is right when she said "No-one knows the pain of losing a child and most will say all the wrong things (or nothing at all), remember that they are trying to say the right thing, (this is the only way i got through it)"

I wish I would have thought that way through my first m/cs.

As far as being frightened of not having a successful pregnancy and wanting an answer for why your losses....well, I was in your same place and I understand exactly where you are coming from. I'm pretty sure many other women in this forum understand as well. I took heart in the fact that there are so many women with PSD, other types of clotting factors as well as other fertility hurdles who have gone on to have several healthy children. They gave me hope when no one else could.

I also wanted to know why the m/cs were happening and the best my OB and hematologists could do was hypothesize that the PSD was causing clotting of the placenta. All of my m/cs were very early. My Dr's also said there might not be related to the PSD at all. To this day I still have no idea why.

I am currently 7 weeks pregnant and have had some spotting so I'm not on aspirin or LMWH yet, but I hope to be on LMWH soon.

I have hope.

I think you might have hope again too. :P

(Even though I know the pain of losing a child I still don't know the right things to say.)

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