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Lovenox given in the thigh

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Hello.... I hope I get some responses! My daughter is pregnant, only due in October, and was diagnosed with PSD and started Lovenox shots (120mg) per day. This was diagnosed by the blood specialist (hemotologist).

When she went for her monthly visit with the gynocologist...first time since her diagnosis...he was shocked that she was giving the injections in her stomach and not her thigh! From what I have read on this forum, most people seem to be giving the injections in the stomach.

Are any of you giving them in the thigh ? If so...why were you told that versus the stomach?

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LMWH can be given anwhere that there is subcutaneous fat (S/C). This can be anywhere that you can 'pinch an inch'. The thighs can be used but this is by no means a rule! I have experienced worse bruising from thigh injections than from belly.

Subcutaneous Injection Technique: Patients should be lying down and Lovenox Injection administered by deep SC injection. To avoid the loss of drug when using the 30 and 40 mg prefilled syringes, do not expel the air bubble from the syringe before the injection. Administration should be alternated between the left and right anterolateral and left and right posterolateral abdominal wall. The whole length of the needle should be introduced into a skin fold held between the thumb and forefinger; the skin fold should be held throughout the injection. To minimize bruising, do not rub the injection site after completion of the injection.

http://products.sanofi-aventis.us/lovenox/lovenox.html#Dosage and Administration://http://products.sanofi-aventis.us/l... Administration Scroll right down

Even when her belly becomes too large to be able to pinch any skin to inject, your daughter should still be able to inject at the top of her hips where pregnancy seems to add to the cushioning there.

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I agree with everyone. I've been injecting in the stomach (side-belly) for over 4 months using the same method and have had virtually no bruising. I'm hoping that I can continue without running out of space for my last cuople of months and not have to switch to the thigh.

Best of luck to your daughter. It still takes some getting used to.

:blink: Ufasaha

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Guest tiffytel


I had to to mine in the thigh, rotating each night. No needles in the stomach when pregnant, big no no.

How is the pregnancy going? I had my baby 2 months early, thinking its partially the Lovenox. Make sure she drinks at least 64 oz of water a day. My Dr told me a gallon of water a day. Dehydration is the leading cause of perterm labor, and especially since she is high risk be ultra-vigilant. Feel free to ask me any questions. My daughter is almost 4 and is doing great. I kinda went into this Protein S thing blind when I got pregnant so I have been through a lot with it.

Take care!


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Hey Tiffatel. It is good to hear that your daughter, who was born premature, is doing well. My daugher, who is now pregnant, was also a premie..by 4 weeks. She is not a good patient...and had no choice but to get over her fear of needles! She is doing quite well .... but I am shocked as to how she only wants to know some stuff regarding the PSD. When she was admitted into hospital a few years ago for the many clots in her lungs.... it seemed she put on blinders...and did not really listen to what doctors said and so on..it was her way of coping..while I am totally opposite and want to learn more...that is why I am so happy to have found this forum.

Because my daughter had her blood clots, and found out she was pregnant, I forced her to bring that matter up and she was referred to gynocologist and blood specialist..and with testing found out that she had psd and that her blood wast thick as well....without that I am sure she would have lost the baby. So the previous clots were the warnings...and these actually saved her a lot of grief!

AFter reading the many stories on this blog, I realize that there are many successful pregnancies .... and I am definitely trying to keep her in the know...as you have to take care of yourself and have the facts at hand....because you often need to tell the doctors what you want...

Anyways... if I have questions...i will certain direct them either to you directly or on this forum.... I find it very useful!

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