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Any women the partner of a man with PSD?

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my name is Jayne, my fiance greg has PSD. He has had it since he was 14, he is now 24., and has had 2 clots in his left leg.

once we are married we hope to have children, so does any one know if there are any risks for me or the baby?

i worry that the baby may have PSD and it could pass it to me?!?

This may sound strange, but i am quite conserned.

Does anyone have any info on this or had the same situation?

Thank you


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Dear Jayne

It is likely that Greg has always has PSD he was just diagnosed when he was 14. If this is the case then his children have a 50/50 chance of having PSD but you will not 'get' PSD from him or the baby.

My dad had PSD, my mum didn't and me and my sister both have it. My dad had had a couple of clots before I was born too. I have had on DVT and my sister has had none so far.

Pregnancy is only a risk factor if YOU have PSD. Is there any history of clots in your family? Could you have any clotting problems? If you don't then you will be fine.

You won't know if any of your children have PSD until they are intheir teens and can be reliably tested. There are lots of us here who don't know if our children have it or not and although I wouldn't say we don't think about the possibility it hasn't stopped us having them in the first place if you know what I mean. Treatments will be better in the future if any of our children ever need them.

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