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Hormones and PSD

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Hello! I'm new to the board...41 years old and diagnosed PSD 15 years ago when a family history was found. I have no history of DVT. One of my two siblings are also PSD. At least one of my two children are PSD and the other hasn't been tested yet.

I have also been diagnosed with Migraine Associated Vertigo, which means that I have a problem with dizziness that is caused by silent migraines. The primary migraine trigger is almost certainly hormone fluctuations as my problem always starts at the beginning of my cycle. So my question: are there any hormones that are okay to take? Low levels? Synthetics? Cream?

My family doc knows very little about PSD, so getting info will require a trip to the hematologist. I'm interested in what you all know...

Thanks so much!


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As far as I'm aware, oestrogen is a no-no if you have PSD but progesterone is ok.

This is what I was told ages ago anyway. I can't take the combined pill as it contains oestrogen and progesterone but the mini pill is ok as it only contains progesterone.

I would definately recommend that you speak to a haematologist to make sure that whatever you use is safe.

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