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Hospital Stays After Delivery

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I know that with a normal pregnancy, at least in the US, provided there are no complications, they keep you only 24-48 hours after delivery.

But with PSD, we're at a greater risk of postpartum complications.

So, my question is, did anyone stay longer than normal for more observation after delivery? Were you worried about the complications? What about switching to warfarin postpartum and being monitored?

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Hi Zafyri,

I'm in Australia and I haven't been told that I need to stay any longer than for a normal mum. I usually get told I can stay as long or as little as I like.

I usually take aspirin and heparin injections after bub arrives and stop the heparin after 6 weeks and continue on aspirin forever.

The plus side of going home is that you get up more and move about which decreases your chances of clotting, so it is a good thing if you're feeling up to it.

i would talk to your dr about it at your next visit and see what he/she recommends for you.

Congratulations and best of luck for a smooth and healthy pregnancy and delivery!



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