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Bruise - risk for DVT?

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My PSD was diagnosed because of family history. I am 42 and have never had DVT, so I am not on any thinners.

Recently I had a bad fall and have an extremely bad bruise on my upper thigh near my hip. It is the size of a grapefruit, is purple as an eggplant, and is swollen. My question is whether I need to be concerned about developing DVT because of it. I have never heard about bruises being linked, but this isn't an ordinary bruise. I'd like to hear what you know...

Thanks, and many blessings to you!


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Hi Jill,

It doesn't hurt to get a bruise like that checked out, no need to be embarrassed to see the dr, better to have your mind at rest.

You never can tell how your body will react, it may not be a problem at all this time, but it may the next. If a clot forms, it can cause numbness, coldness and swelling. It may also look pale and it will cause a fair amount of pain.

Just be aware of any new symptoms and get medical help if it changes suddenly. Bruises suddenly become much more alarming once you're aware of PSD, hey?

I do hope all is well and you heal up quickly and without any problems.

Cheers, Kathy

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Thanks, Kathy. I did see my hematologist, and she said that bruises aren't a concern, even bad ones. That's good to know.

On another note, I recently had more bloodwork done, only to find that I am mildly Protein C deficient as well as S. Now that's something I didn't need! :D

Anyway, hope you're all well.



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