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Postpartum Injections

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So, I'm posting this question to basically find out others' experience...

I knew I had PSD before I got pregnant. I was put on Fragmin at 8 weeks, and told I'd be on it until 6 weeks postpartum. Well, six weeks was 5/21. I went to hemotologist on Friday 5/20, I had a pain in my leg while leaving. We did an ultrasound, it came back negative. I figured it was just a muscle cramp, and my dr didn't see any cause for me to need to continue on the shot.

Well, on Tuesday evening, I noticed a red knot on my calf, and the pain I had felt on Friday was worse. I went to the ER. They did an ultrasound and a clot was present. I'm now on Arixtra and Warfarin.

This being said...Has anyone been on a postpartum injection longer than 6 weeks? Should I have been on it a little longer? Is it possible the pregnancy and clot are unrelated? (I did do a lot of walking the weekend before and my calf had felt tight the entire week, I just thought I over did it.)

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With my first pregnancy I was taken off Warfarin before getting pregnant then when I found out I was pregnant started the fragmin injections, after having my son i was still on injections for about two days then they transferred me back to warfarin. After having my son they thought I had blood clots in my lungs as i was in terrible pain, luckily i was xrayed and they didnt find anything and was kept in hospital due to this complication.

My second pregnancy was different I was told I was not allowed to stop the warfarin before but had to be on Fragmin even before i found out i was pregnant, then my daughter turned breech so I was told :) I had to have a C Section so was in hospital longer but was transferred back over to warfarin after the delivery.

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The normal period of time for post-partum injecting is 6 weeks. This is related to the time it takes for the uterus to return to normal size and the hormonal changes brought on by pregnancy to settle. It is the hormonal changes that affect the clotting of our blood so the thinking is that once things are 'normal' again we don't need to be injecting. Post-surgery injection period is 4- 6 weeks as well I think.

When I was pregnant with my third I injected for 6 weeks then did nothing else. I had a DVT when dd was 8 months old and I too had been walking strenuously (trying to get to school to pick up older children in a rush!) so thought I had pulled something. When I had my fourth, I had been wearing compression daily for a couple of years. I injected for 6 weeks and then did nothing expect continue as I had before with the compression.

Who knows why this stuff happens. Sometimes fate really sucks and you can't know if doing something different might have made a difference.

How is your leg feeling now? Can you still get about ok? I hope so.

I'll be thinking of you


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The pain felt like a charlie horse and a bruise at the same time. There are a couple of tiny little knots left in my calf, but the swelling, extra fluid, and pain have now moved to my ankle. I have a bit of a limp in my gate, but I walked the mile (2.5 km) to my daughter's daycare today before catching the bus for work. It was the first time I walked the route since before Bryssan was born. I'm doing ok. I had my pt/inr checked yesterday, after being on warfarin for a week and it was only 1.6, so they changed my dose, and i go back in a few days to check.

As an aside, I have been wearing compression stockings for almost 2 years now.

I have been very fortunate to have very good insurance that has paid for my shots while I was pregnant, but I don't know how those of us who have to always be on a shot can afford it, I know I couldn't.

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A few years back there was someone that was told they had PSD and spent several thousand dollars buying the meds. Then the doctor revised the diagnosis and said they didn't have PSD, so they didn't need the meds. They couldn't take them back for a refund and they weren't licensed so they couldn't resell them.

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