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Leg pain when pregnant

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So I'm 7 weeks pregnant now and at the weekend I started to get quite bad pain in my leg that I have previously had a DVT in. I went to A&E to get it checked out and was given a higher dose of fragmin to take over the weekend and had to go back on Monday for an ultrasound on my leg.

Anyway, they couldn't find any new clot in my leg, he said he could see evidence of the old clot but new ones are normally really obvious and he couldn't see any.

So I'm back down to my usual dose of Fragmin and that's that. But I am still getting pain in my leg, it's in my calf and I just don't know what is causing it.

Has anyone experienced pain where they've had an old clot before? Could it just be that now I'm pregnant I've got a greater blood volume that is making the old damaged veins and valves work a bit harder so it's getting a bit congested? This pain started two days after I started on the Fragmin so I'm wondering if it's starting to dissolve the old clot a bit? Is that possible?

I had this DVT 10 years ago and I've never experienced any pain like this since, I get the odd ache when I've been on my feet all day but nothing like this.

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Hi Angela

I'm sorry you are feeling pains where you shouldn't be.

When you are pregnant your blood volume does increase but not dramatically at this stage. What does happen is that all your ligaments begin to soften and that affects your joints which could also affect the connections between the muscles in your leg that have been keeping things moving ok up to now.

As your uterus gets bigger it presses on the vessels around the bottom of your belly and in your groin which can slow down the return of blood from your leg. I had a particularly unattractive varicose vein under my belly for months but it disappeared as soon as Frida was born.

If they can't see a clot then all you can do is go back to the things you did when you first got the clot to see if they help. I can't remember if you wear compression or not. If you don't then you might want to get some or if you do, order a new pair that are nice and zingy. I always feel better with a new stocking and wonder why I didn't get a new pair sooner. Also, lift up the end of the bed or increase the height if you already have it up as this will help your leg drain overnight. Keep your legs up when sitting and try not to stand still or sit still for too long.

Or it might be pregnancy cramp. There is loads online about this and things that help it.

There are going to be twinges and oddness in your body as your belly grows and it does put you one edge but try to remember that it is very rare for anyone injecting Fragmin to have a clot and that you are now on a fast-track to seeing someone who will reassure you quickly if you are worried. And of course not everything is about PSD or our clots at all!

Take care


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Hi Rachel, thanks for your reply :)

Yes, I'm wearing stockings, I have three new pairs which I have been wearing pretty much constantly since I was about 5 weeks.

The strange thing is that my leg starts to ache more as the day goes on and my injection is due (I do it in the evenings). It doesn't seem to make any difference whether I'm active all day or if I've spent all day resting (I'm getting some bad nausea days where I haven't managed to drag myself off the sofa :rolleyes: )

On a slightly different note I managed to do my own injection last night B) normally hubs does them but I was a brave soldier and did it myself :lol:

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On a slightly different note I managed to do my own injection last night B) normally hubs does them but I was a brave soldier and did it myself :lol:

Go you! The first one isn't easy but it's one less to do! Did you look at my injection tips again? Use the lower part of your belly as much as you can at this point because you won't be able to see it or pinch any skin there in a few months' time:)

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Yes I looked at your tips :) I find that the lower tummy hurts less and bruises less that the upper part. Not looking forward to when I can't reach that bit but I've got quite a while until I'm that big :lol:

Indeed! When I got bigger I went round to where your hands are when you put them on your hips and that didn't bruise badly either. I didn't do anywhere above my belly button unless I was desperate and then only if it didn't hurt when I poked about. Happy days ;)

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