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Doctors afraid to treat

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I just discovered this site, and am relieved to be able to read others stories. I was diagnosed with PSD in 2010 after months of questioning and pushing for answers as to the reason I suffered a TIA in 2009. After my blood work came back, I was sent to a hemotologist who immediately put me on Lovenox. The inital plan was to be on Lovenox for 1 year as we had been trying to get pregnant for 2 years and weren't ready to give up. 11 months later I did become pregnant. Prior to discovering I was pregnant my hemotologist left the area, and I was referred to his associate who immediately tried to change my course of treatment with out consulting with me or really reading my records. At 12 weeks we lost the baby, and were sent into a tail spin. I am 43. I have three children from a previous marriage. Two of which are twins that were conceived after taking clomid (no complications). My husband has no biological children. We were childhood friends/first loves who were reunited after 20 years and enduring great difficulties in our lives. Time is not my friend because of my age. In September I asked my Ob/Gyn if he would prescribe clomid for me as he had 11 years prior. He asked that I consult with my hemotolgist first. I attempted to do just that but it took 2 months to get an appointment, which ended up being with a traveling doctor who mainly treats cancer patients. Frustrated I decided to call a fertility doctor who practices 3 hours away. I immediately got an appointment. Clomid was an option, but because of my age the doctor recommended other treatments that involve donors. We are not interested in donor eggs etc. I am open to any improved chance of conceiving our own child. I contacted my Ob/Gyn again and we had a great conversation. I asked again for clomid, but he basically said that he prefer the fertility doctor to prescribe it. He said he would help and support me, but basically expressed a fear in killing me. Every physician that I have seen in my area is aware of PSD, but lacks knowledge of treatment. When I've been to the emergency rooms at either of our hospitals the doctors look at me with bewilderment and don't seem to know what to do. I have experienced a general fear rather than knowledge. There are times when I feel like a freak of nature. I'm thankful for knowing my diagnosis so I can be treated, but have little hope for good medical treatment. The expressed fears of my physicians have created fear for me in regard to my life expectancy. It's depressing at times. I would love to hear from someone who has been treated for infertility safely and successfully. I continue to take 100mg of Lovenox daily, and pray for a child.

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Hi Angela

I don't have any experience with fertility drugs so can't offer you any help on that topic I'm afraid.

I'm sorry that your doctors seem to have made you fear for your life expectancy, as far as I'm aware there is no need for that! As long as you are properly monitored and aware of your condition and the dangers that come along with it ie DVT then there is no reason to suggest that your life expectancy should be any different!

You don't say where you live but I'm guessing it's not the UK? I live in the UK where I don't think it is normal practice to offer LMWH (lovenox etc) unless you are actually pregnant. I am currently 31 weeks pregnant and have been on fragmin (similar to lovenox) since about 6 weeks. However, when not pregnant I do not take anything.

I wish you well and hope that you get the baby that you're praying for :)


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Listen hun,

I was diagnosed with psd in 1996 when i was pregnant with my 2nd child. At that time there was very little knowledge about psd. I was having tia's alot up until my diagnosis at 4 months. It was very scary. I was referred to a neurologist because they had no clue what was going on. He took care of me through my whole pregnancy. I took lovenox 3 times a day until after baby was born. Then I took coumadin for a few years. Then they changed me to plavix so I wouldnt have to have the blood test all the time that coumadin requires. Maybe you could try to get a referral to a neurologist who is competent and comfortable treating psd. My doc said I was the first woman with documented psd to deliver a baby full term without having a stroke. They have my case study in the books. So it was very succesful. Just some advice from someone whos been through all of it. If you need to talk anymore or want anymore info from me, my email is shanypoo73@yahoo.com. Feel free to contact me anytime. Good luck. Dont give up!!!

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