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Perimenopause and Menopause relief

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I am 45 and was diagosed PSD in my 20s from family history. I was fortunate to find out, go off BCP and avoid other risky situations. As a result, I had 2 successful pregnancies and have had no clotting events. Therefore, I'm on no thinners, except during long haul flights.

My question: Has anyone gotten doctor approval for supplements or meds for perimenopause/menopause relief? I do realize that I will need to clear anything I take with my doctor, but I am wondering if others have had anything prescribed or approved by theirs. I see some people take Black Cohosh, but a google search turned up that it's not recommended for those at risk of blood clots.


Jill :)

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Hi Jill I know this has been some time since your post, but did you get any answers to your question? Like you I'm wanting to take supplements for perimenopause and everything I try seems to increase my inr... Agnes castus, rhodiola, green tea etc. I'm not on any blood thinners and don't really want to just to take supplements but wondered if you have found anything?



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