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Lovenox for teen?

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I have a PSD diagnosis but no history of DVT, etc. My doc has prescribed Lovenox shots for an 11-hour flight overseas.

Would you expect that my PSD 15-year-old son should do the same? He is in excellent health, but it seems like I've heard of young adults with PSD getting PEs out of the blue and I'm feeling nervous that he's not covered.



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No. He hasn't been seen since last summer, but he has tested (positive) more than once.

Unfortunately, I didn't think of asking about thinners for him until a couple of days prior to our trip, which is tomorrow!

You may have seen my post on facebook. Doc did decide to give him shots for the flights. I'd rather be safe than sorry...

Thanks, James.

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I hope you have a safe journey. Try to avoid flying on an empty tummy, keep your fluid intake up and do your foot/ankle/leg stretches. Also try not to worry, because you will both be medicated. After flying, for up to six weeks, remain vigilant for shortness of breath and tenderness behind the knee or swollen calf. If in doubt check it out. If you need to see a doctor the quickest test they can run is a D-Dimer blood test, widely available and gives a quick answer of either "maybe" or "no". If the answer is "maybe" then they will carry out other tests. If "no" then you can relax.

I did 24 hr flights from UK to Australia a couple of years ago on just my usual dose of warfarin. I know it is nerve racking but if you've done your homework (as you have) then you're halfway there already.

Check with your airline(s) regarding carriage of hypodermics in your hand luggage - some may ask you to hand them over to their control during your flight - some may stop you carrying them if you don't have a doctor's note. Airlines do vary, so please check.

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