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Clot in Arm


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Sorry to hear about your clot. I'm not able to say how all of these drugs get on with one another but I can comment on the migraines... I've been seeing a migraine specialist for about a year. My daily migraine diary has helped me to see improvements. I was having migraine or symptoms for every 2 out of three days. Painkillers didn't help and Imigran (sumitriptan) gave me bad leg cramps. However all I had that worked was the Imigran even though it was working against a blood pressure tablet that I also have. I requested an MRI scan (not easy) and that was okay. The specialist moved me off pizotifen and onto citalopram. They also tried steroid injections in the head. I gave up caffeine (not a trigger for me). I tried using a TENs machine for muscle tension. Invest in blackout blinds for the bedroom, and an eyemask.

Ask your doctor to refer you to a migraine specialist, you'll be surprised how much help they can be.

Now I've started using the Spring TMS system (magnetic pulse). Still early days but I think it helps.

http://www.eneura.com/springtms.html ... health policy is 3 month trial paid by eNeura, then GP request for funding from health trust (~£5/day)

Also, have been reading up on this article and trying to give it a whirl...

http://www.drbookspan.com/NeckPainArticle.html ... drug free pain relief techniques

By the way, I also used co-codomol (memo to travellers, don't take it on flights routed through the middle east) and it has a habit of causing rebound headaches... see if you can cut down on your usage. Not easy with the fibro I know, but just try.

I take lanzoprazol for heartburn caused by my blood pressure tablets (losartan). Double action Gaviscon has rescued me many times.

If you have PSD and have had a clot I would elect to stay on the warfarin (with hindsight). Usually policy is 3 months for 1st DVT, lifetime for 2nd (PE is considered a double event). If you have PSD you have a known risk factor. If you've clotted then you are in the 50% camp of people with PSD who have had a clot, and further clots are quite possible unless you are medicated.

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