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Warfarin and Protein S Deficiency

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Hi James,

I first had a deep vein thrombosis in 2001 and they discovered I had Protein S Deficiency.  Having started off with the heparin 'jabs' I was then put on Warfarin 'for life'.  I get my INR checked periodically at my surgery (used to have to go to the hospital to do this) .. I go when their computer tells me to!  It has always interested me to know how much Warfarin people are taking.  To keep my INR at the 2.5 mark I need to take 8mg a day (can vary upwards), whereas others I have spoken to take 3mg a day.  When I spoke to the specialist about this, he said that everyone is different, and my body breaks the Warfarin down more .. so I need more Mg.  I would love to know what others take.

So I have been on Warfarin for 15 years now, with no ill effects.  What I do know is that my grandfather died when he was 39yr (they hadn't heard of Protein S Deficiency in those days); my father died when he was 62yr (when he had a pulmonary thrombosis they thought he had pleurisy, and treated him with antibiotics when he should have been put on anti-coagulants) .. and here am I still going strong at 73yr.  So I for one am grateful for the advances of medicine.

Best wishes,


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