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Hi i was diagnosed with protein s defficiency last march this year. I've been reading forums and been browsing google about this. My dr prescribed me with clopidpgrel bisulfate 75mg. 

And i'm working at 11pm to 8am a day, five times a week in a call center.  I just want to know if working on this hours will affect me more? 

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Protein S Deficiency increases the risk of venous clotting (blood moves slower in the veins).

Clopidogrel is an anti-platelet medication and better suited for prevention of arterial clotting (blood moves faster in the arteries). Aspirin falls into the same category.

Maybe your doctor has other reasons for recommending Clopidogrel - warfarin is usually used for people with PSD and a history of clotting.

When I was in my early twenties I worked in a call centre on a graveyard shift (BT ASO Grade 2) and found it affected my appetite. Warfarin is affected by diet so this is probably something to watch out for if you start taking it. It’s also difficult to stretch your legs when you are hooked up by your headset so make the most of your breaks.

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