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Hello. I write to you from Spain very worried by my PS levels.

I am 14w pregnant. Before pregnancy my PS levels were

PS   total        80,1 % (60-150 %)

Free PS         65,64 % (70-130 %)

Before doing an IVF, I takes contraceptives for one month. My PS levels were:

15 days taking the pill

    PS activity    50.8 % (60-140 %)

    Free PS       60.9 % (57-112 %)

1 month taking the pill

    PS activity     0.2 %

    Free PS       33.5 %

4 days without pill

    PS activity    48.6 %

    Free PS       50.5 %

I remained a pregnant  with heparin 4500 (innohep in Spain) on order of my OB. But at 7 w pregnancy,  I had a very big haemorrhage caused by a uterine bruise (for excess of heparina probably).

I Went to a hematologist and he ordered to stopped the heparin until it stops bleeding. A today I continue spotting very little, but the hematologist does not want that i returns to the heparin.

I should return to the heparin. Is it dangerous for me and the baby?

Thank you very much and sorry for  grammatical mistakes. 

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