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Diagnosis Protein S Deficiency

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My name is Brandi and my mom has Protein S Deficiency.  She had her first stroke at the age of 18 and has had many more through out the years.  My mom is 60 and just recently had a pretty bad stroke on 4/8/2017 that seems to have taken the use of her right side and Aphasia.  She has always been extremely blessed after her strokes to have gotten back some kind of independence and we are not as confident after this one.


My mom and I reside in AZ. Seems we are having trouble getting her the help she needs. Her INR’s are always low and there is very little knowledge of how to help her get back on track with this disorder or even how to treat her to minimize or prevent future problems. I am told she is on as much blood thinners as possible with no results.


I am reaching out to anyone that might be able to educate me on what this is and how I can help my mom.  In addtion to my moms’ stroke my dad passed on 4/24/17—this has been a rough two months and I would like to keep my mom around as long as possible and help her with this disorder..

Any help is appreciated..


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You said her INR was always too low, so I assume she has been taking Coumadin or warfarin. The dosage of this medication depends on the response by the patient, some people take 2mg and someone else takes 20mg and gets the same response. What was her last INR result and the dosage she was on? How long was it in days/weeks between INR tests?

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