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Protein S Deficiency and Donating Blood

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Q: Can you donate blood when you have Protein S Deficiency?

A: Yes, but there are restrictions. If you have had any thrombosis then you must not donate. If you are taking anticoagulants then you must not donate.


Protein S Deficiency : Thrombosis

You may give blood provided you have never had an episode of clotting and do not require anticoagulant medication to prevent clotting.

Source: https://my.blood.co.uk/knowledgebase/Index/P


Note: This is the general advice for Thrombosis. Thrombosis can be caused by other health conditions besides Protein S Deficiency. However if you have Protein S Deficiency then follow the advice shown above.

Deep Vein Thrombosis : Thrombosis
Pulmonary Embolism : Thrombosis

You must not donate if you have been told you have atherosclerosis, if you have been told you have axillary vein thrombosis, you have had two or more episodes of thrombosis (blood clot) or you will be taking anticoagulant treatment (medication/injections to thin you blood) for life.

If the cause of your thrombosis was one of the following, you may donate 7 days after completing any anti coagulant therapy to thin the blood as long as you have had a single episode only of thrombosis (blood clot):

Contraceptive pill
Long haul flight
Plaster cast
Following surgery

Source: https://my.blood.co.uk/knowledgebase/Index/D
Source: https://my.blood.co.uk/knowledgebase/Index/P

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