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Dvt issue protien s deficiency

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Hi I had a dvt last April  2019. It's cleared now 6 month finished .

Treatment  heparin raise 7 days.

3 months eliquis 5 mg twise a day and Ecosprin  AV 75 mg  ONE a day.  Pressure tab.

Now I am taking only one a day in EcosprinAv 75 mg.

Can I fly  & wearing compression stockings.

Please let me know.


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Hello Mary,

Thanks for your reply.  Sounds like you are doing fine.  I have had 4 blood clots since 2012 and started at the onset with coumadin  for life but after my last one in May 2019 my doctor switched me to Pradaxa.  It was discovered that I have Protein S Deficiency.  I wear compression stockings and lead a most normal life (with a few bumps in the road).  I just want to learn more about this condition because I want to live a long and happy life.

Thanks and best wishes, Lois Lynda

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Yes you can fly wearing compression stockings.

When you are seated you can also do heel-toe exercises to improve circulation. Start with feet on the floor, flat and level, keep the heal on the ground and lift your toes.

These also help... https://www.livestrong.com/article/462835-exercises-for-swollen-feet/

Be aware of symptoms after flying for up to six weeks, and act on any concerns by getting checked as soon as possible.

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